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Update Right of Way at Ynys Fields and Aberdare Canal Head

We know quite a few people have shown concerns over the blocked Right of Way at the Ynys fields.

An update from Rhondda Cynon Taf Council explains that the problem was found to be that a non-return valve had failed in one of the water pumps but this has been rectified.

The pumps have now been serviced and tested and are working as designed. It must also be noted that this low level area is subject to a great deal of ground water flooding and during periods of heavy rain it will possibly take the pumps a number of hours to reduce the water level, and even then it has limited capacity to remove excessive amounts of rainfall in a short period of time. Nevertheless the pump / sump is on a monthly inspection schedule and clean out program and during forecasts for excessive heavy rain all attempts will be made to checked for blockages, etc. beforehand.

We are all aware funding is in short supply in Rhondda Cynon Taf Council at this moment in time and we have been asking officers at RCTC when will the Aberdare Canal be cleaned out, again an update from RCTC.

Regarding the silt clearance of the Canal Basin I wish to inform you that works were going to take place during early November but have now been rescheduled for Dec / Jan period as a funding opportunity has been identified that will save the Council paying directly for the work. Once the funding and the date has been finalised then the works will be undertaken. It may also be noted that the blocked culvert at the Southern end of the canal was unblocked by Natural Resources Wales as it was found to be their responsibility.

AberdareOnline would like to thank the Parks Development & Countryside department at RCTC for their response.