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“SO, WHAT’S IT LIKE ROUND HERE?”This is the story of a girl called Maya. A girl who is always thirteen. A girl who is always on the move. It is a story of a never-ending search for the last safe place on earth.Maya stands on the cusp of yet another beginning, at the threshold of a new house in a new city. From this everyday moment an epic story is woven. Maya is both ordinary and extraordinary; schoolgirl, time traveller, shaman. She tells tales of classroom conflicts and flights across deserts. She talks of ice cream dreams and thwarted revolutions. These stories weave together and the local and the global and the personal and political collide.Funny, fearless and frightening, Transporter wonders what it means to come or not come from somewhere, and asks: how do we navigate our way through a world that appears to be in ruins?Transporter is a solo performance written for ages 11 to adult.DATES20 – 22 June 2019PRICES£9 Schools: £7BOOK NOWMORE INFORMATIONWritten and performed by Catherine Dyson Directed by Andy Smith and Catherine Dyson Studio Age 10+