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Thank you, Chanelle

We'd like to say big 'Thank you' to eight-year-old Chanelle Evans from Pentre who has given her pocket money to the Age Cymru shop in Pontypridd.

She raided her money box after hearing that the Age Cymru shop in Pontypridd had its collection box stolen.

Chanelle's mother, Emma Jenkins, who is a volunteer with Age Cymru, said:

“I was telling my partner Mark that someone had stolen the collection box from our shop and didn’t realise that Chanelle had overhead us talking.

“Before I knew it, Chanelle had been to her room and raided her money box and bought some money down to give to Age Cymru.

“Chanelle made me pinky-promise that I would give the money to the Age Cymru shop because the collection box had been stolen - I am so proud of her.”

Age Cymru’s shop in Pontypridd is located at 89b Taff Street and its collection box was stolen in late September, as shop manager Rhodri Welsh explains:

“We were all a bit upset when the collection box was stolen last month - you just don’t expect a charity shop to be targeted by thieves.

“So imagine our delight and surprise when Emma came in to volunteer at the shop earlier this week and told us that Chanelle had donated some of her pocket money to Age Cymru.

“Thank you Chanelle – you’ve put a smile on all our faces!”