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E: GEOFFREY JONES (PENREITHYN) SCHOLARSHIP FUND The above Trust was created by the Will of Morgan Rhys Jones late of “Garth Madryn” Penderyn, Aberdare. Under the terms of the Trust, the Trustees are empowered at their discretion to apply such part of the income of the Trust as they in their absolute discretion think fit, for the maintenance, education or advancement of any student who has been resident for the past twelve months within those parts of the Parishes or Districts of Penderyn, Ystradfellte Vaynor and the Taff Fechan Valley that were formerly administered by the Vaynor and Penderyn Rural District Council. Any student resident within the above who wishes to have his or her case considered should send detailed particulars to the undersigned Solicitors for the Trustees under reference SDB/JP/HO102642 preferably by 21 December 2020. E-mails to be addressed to Dated this 30th day of November 2020 Messrs. Marchant HarriesBute Chambers17 -19 Cardiff StreetABERDARE, CF44 7DP TM REF: 226038666-02