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Photographic Talent by College Merthyr Tydfil Students in a unique gallery exhibition Lost and Found – A Photographic Journey.

Local Students Shine through the Lens- “Lost and Found- A Photographic Journey”.Redhouse Cymru in conjunction with College Merthyr, presents a vibrant and unique exhibition ofcontemporary photography entitled Lost and Found- A Photographic Journey. This exhibition reveals newand fresh insight into the visual mindsets of degree students exploring the unique and philosophicallanguage of photography. The notion of lost and found as a concept evokes a wide response by creativeindustry students, the imagination and sheer grit and dedication of each exhibitor is unique and personaland pushes the boundaries of a work placement brief.As a group, the Foundation Degree year 2 have decided to organise an exhibition which aims to documentemotions, loss and attachment of places in society, which are rich in fabric, that collectively shares thestories of many people and the places of historical and communal relevance, and also the objects that holdmemories and our own emotional truths.This project is independently organised and run by year two Foundation Degree students for theprofessional practice work placement module, that is designed to prepare them for careers in the creativeindustries. The group consists of a diverse range of learners from traditional and non-traditionaleducational routes, which makes the show even more remarkable and surprising in its variety andviewpoint. The collaboration is an opportunity for students to work with industry mentors and the widercommunity to improve their professional skills as well as to enhance their identity as photographers.The show takes place at the Redhouse Cymru, Market Street, Merthyr Tydfil and will be running from the8th to the 27th January 2020 with a grand opening event on the evening of Wednesday 8th January from 6-8 pm. The exhibition will be formally opened by invited guest deputy mayor of Merthyr, CouncillorMalcolm Colbran and attended by local business and community representatives and guest speakers fromthe photography industry. Lecturer Mr Andrew Johnson says “the course is now in its seventh year andgoing from strength to strength and showcases just how much talent there is in this area. This show is veryprofessional and a credit to the participants”.The ethos of Higher Educational courses in the local community promotes regeneration within the historictown of Merthyr Tydfil and develops local skills for new digital media and industries. The Redhouse is afocal point of the town and exhibitions such as these draw new audiences to Merthyr and highlights thepower of education.This exhibition will explore the creative, diverse photographic journeys that takes the viewer on a voyageof discovery.