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Pentre man who defecated in garden before burgling house has been jailed

A burglar who defecated in the back garden of a victim’s house before leaving trail of excrement inside the address has been jailed for 5 years and 10 months.Zac Tranter, 49, from Pentre, prized open a window with a screw driver, and stole a wallet and a phone from inside the house in Crayshaw Road, Penygraig on 26th May, 2020.It was approximately 3.30am and the victims were asleep upstairs but Tranter was chased outside after he work them up.The victims went downstairs to find that Tranter had rifled through their belongings and they noticed what at the time they thought was mud on the furniture, until they saw what they then realised was human feaces in the back garden just below their back window.Tranter was stopped and searched the following day after a member of the public reported somebody acting suspiciously near the Pandy Inn, Tonypandy. He was caught in possession of a screwdriver, and had pockets full of jewellery. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and taken into custody.Officers carried out a Section 18 search warrant at search of an address in Millbourne Street where they found the wallet and a woman’s bag – both of which were stolen from the house in Penygraig.When questioned about the property Tranter’s housemate told officers that Tranter told him what he had done in the garden before he burgled the house in Penygraig.Tranter admitted both offences to police and he was charged.He was charged with further offences after he admitted stealing letters from a house in Treforest in January, 2020, and attempted to burgle a shed in Tonypandy back in March, 2020 – both for which is was on police bail.He pleaded guilty to all offences and was jailed for 5 years and 10 months at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court on 19 September, 2020.Detective Constable Gareth Pugh said: “Zac Tranter is a career criminal and for that reason, he has been jailed for a long time. Being a victim of a burglary is a traumatic and devastating experience, which in this case left the victims both repulsed and unable to feel comfortable in their own home. I hope this period behind bars will be an opportunity for Zac Tranter to turn his life around. Until that time, the community is a better place without him being free to commit crime.”