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Organisations come together to help people live well for less

With cost-of-living increases hitting record levels and more families finding themselves livingin fuel poverty, a charity based in Aberdare is aiming to help people live well for lessthrough a series of information roadshows. All events are free to attend for visitors as wellas the organisations exhibiting.Age Connects Morgannwg, an older person’s charity, say they have created the Living Wellfor Less roadshows as a direct response to the pressures caused by increases to energyprices, food, and petrol, as well as the continued impact of the pandemic. They approachedother charities and other organisation and asked if they would be willing to join them, andexhibit at a roadshow style event. The response it appears has been an overwhelming yes.More than 22 national and local organisations have already signed up to support theroadshows, these include Citizens Advice Bureau, Care & Repair, Nest, Warm Wales,Communities For Work Plus, Diabetes Wales, and HSBC. Together these organisations willprovide the information people need to boost their financial, mental, and physicalwellbeing.Helen Davies is co-ordinating the roadshows and described the response from exhibitors.“Everyone I have spoken to was delighted to offer their support, they are all facingquestions about energy prices, interest rates and the prices of food, and were looking forways to help people. Pooling resources with like-minded organisations to offer a wide rangeof holistic advice made sense to everyone. I’m absolutely delighted with the quality ofexhibitors we’ve assembled.”All the exhibitors will be offering on the day support and signposting, as well as providingplenty of information to take away. Attendees will also have access to private spaces, awayfrom the main exhibition area, where they can get 1-2-1 advice. There are also several tastersessions planned where people can learn more about subjects like financial health, cybersecurity and boosting wellbeing.Katie Cooke will be representing Warm Wales at the event.“Engaging with local communities is an important part of our work, and events like thisroadshow are a fantastic way of ensuring we reach as many people as we can. With thecurrent energy crisis and the challenges it is creating for many, it is great to be out in thecommunity again, talking to people about the support we can offer to help them heat theirhomes more affordably.”Signposted Cymru are also attending the Aberdare roadshow, CEO Darren Thomas explains," At Signposted Cymru peoples mental health and wellbeing is our priority, and withgrowing inflation and costs we need to support these individuals more than ever ".The first Living Well For Less roadshow is visiting Cynon Linc in Aberdare on Thursday andFriday this week, before moving on to other venues in South Wales during April and May. Allattendees will be able to pick up a free energy saving light bulb and a booklet of tips to helpthem cut their energy consumption. Find out more about the roadshows by