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NRW repairing and preparing: One year on from the February 2020 floods

The combined impacts of storms Ciara, Dennis a Jorge in February 2020 resulted in record rainfall and river levels, and some of the most significant and devastating flooding Wales has seen since the 1970s with 3,130 properties affected right across the country.

Since then we have continued to inspect, and repair where required, flood defences damaged in the February floods, prioritising those communities most at risk of flooding. Over 2,000 flood defences have been inspected to ensure that they continue to offer the protection they were designed to do.

Jeremy Parr, our Head of Flood Risk and Incident Management said:

"We know how disruptive the flooding can be for homes and businesses, and how the distress and costs can last far beyond the subsiding of the waters.

"While we will continue to invest in defences and to work with partners to help prepare communities for potential impacts, we will never be able to stop all flooding. And just because an area hasn’t flooded in recent time this doesn’t mean that it will never flood.

"That is why it’s crucial that people understand their flood risk and understand the actions they can take to lessen the impacts should the waters start to rise."

This was underlined by Clare Pillman our Chief Executive:

"Increasing Wales’ resilience to climate change and flooding, and adapting to its effects, must be pushed to the top of everyone’s agenda if the nation is to reduce its vulnerability to extreme weather events.

"We need to manage expectations that all flooding can be prevented by building more defences because there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to the challenges we face. Everyone in society - government, businesses, and individuals – must do everything possible to tackle the root causes of climate change together."