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Lyndsey Wood returns to work

On Friday March 27th while working as a clerical officer in the endoscopy department Lyndsey felt unwell with a headache. Lyndsey thought it was a stress headache as she was very busy in work so went on with her day.On Saturday morning Lyndsey woke and felt very unwell, she was experiencing what she said felt like a ‘hangover headache’.  She carried on with her day, but by 4pm Lyndsey’s headache hadn’t eased so she went to bed to try and rest.Lyndsey said: “I thought once I had a rest I would be fine, I couldn’t have been more wrong, I had a headache, temperature and was vomiting, my body was aching from my waist down and I physically couldn’t get out of bed, by this time my husband was also feeling unwell, but his symptoms thankfully were mild.“I felt so ill I called NHS Direct and was advised to isolate, together with my husband and daughter.    “Later on that morning my sister Keri, a health care support worker, rang me to see how I was, she had been doing this every day.  On this call she noticed I was breathless and urged me to ring an ambulance.  I refused, but she came to my home and insisted she took me”.Lyndsey was admitted to the Clinical Decisions Unit at Prince Charles Hospital and tested positive for COVID-19.  She started treatment immediately.  After three nights in hospital she was discharged home.  Lyndsey said: “The nursing staff and doctors were amazing and looked after me so well in a very busy environment. I couldn’t be more grateful at this very frightening time in my life.“I still can’t believe how unwell I felt, but thankfully we are all now fit and well and back in work.“My message for the public would be to listen to what the professionals are telling us, stay home, and keep yourself and your family safe, anyone can catch it.”