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Heed Warnings on Cuts to Children’s Services

Labour cuts should not hit vulnerable children

Plaid Cymru has called on the Labour Government to step up support for young people after a series of critical reports about children’s services.

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales has warned that the needs of children and young people aren’t being adequately addressed when local authorities make budgeting decisions.

A report by the British Association of Social Workers, and the Children’s Commissioner for Wales have all highlighted inadequacies in the provision for young people.

Meanwhile the National Crime Agency recently estimated that 50,000 people in the UK are involved in downloading and sharing images of child abuse and will probably not face justice because of a lack of resources.

Party of Wales spokesperson for Children and Young People, Jocelyn Davies said:

“There is a real sense of concern amongst experts over the protection and support available for children and young people. These services have taken a severe hit because of the cuts imposed by the UK Government. As a result, the services that offer quality of life for young people, such as libraries and leisure centres, are under threat, and this can impact on our efforts to end child poverty and help children reach their potential.

“On top of this, the National Crime Agency tells us that it simply isn’t able to pursue a huge number of offenders against young people because of a lack of resources. This is extremely worrying and is further proof that the austerity measures imposed on us by the UK Government aren’t working.

“But money isn’t everything. The Welsh Government should encourage Local Authorities to consider the services that affect young people when they make budgetary decisions, and this could help protect those services.

“The experts suggest that children and young people have become the victim of the UK Government’s cuts agenda, and we must work to counter this.”