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First year History and English students take London by storm

Freshers trip to London
As part of the University’s induction programme around 60 first-year English and History students enjoyed two days of cultural sightseeing in central London.

London is one of the world’s most exciting capital cities and is home to some outstanding museums and galleries. In two short days we could not hope to do more than take a peek at some of the highlights and students began the first day with trips to the British Library and the British Museum.

The British Library is currently hosting an exhibition on the First World War and on the Gothic Imagination, as well as housing over 13 million books, journals and newspapers. When the time comes to start writing dissertations, our students will know a good starting point.

The British Museum has a range of exhibitions from across the globe and across time: Egyptian mummies, witches, the Volkswagen. It is truly eclectic.

On the second day we went to the newly-refurbished Imperial War Museum where students were able to see the new First World War galleries and a new collection of First World War paintings. We then braved the tube (again) and spent the afternoon in the much more peaceful V&A, primarily to see the ‘Disobedient Objects’ exhibition but also to see its extraordinary collections which celebrate 3000 years of culture.

Everyone really had a good time and firm friendships were made. Hopefully these friendships will endure throughout University and even beyond. What a good start to the year!