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Cwm Taf Morgannwg Pharmacy staff are supporting their nursing colleagues

Medicines Management teams across Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board have been responding to the unique challenges of the coronavirus crisis.

The Pharmacy Aseptic Service has been working tirelessly to develop and produce ready-to-use injectable medicines for the COVID-19 clinical areas, with the aim of limiting the number of medicines-related procedures being undertaken by front-line nurses in full PPE.

Senior Aseptic Technician Jan Rees, said: “Many medicines can be time-consuming to manipulate, and in clinical areas they need to be made up immediately before they are used. For some, this can mean making up to five syringes a day, and that’s just for one medicine! In our controlled environments we can apply longer shelf lives to the medicines, make them in larger quantities and therefore take some of the burden from the nursing staff working so hard on the front line.”

Anthony Cadogan, Acting Pharmacist Team Leader for the Aseptic Service, said: “I’m so proud of the team here in the Aseptic Service. They have worked incredibly hard to develop new working methods, learn new techniques and validate new equipment.

“Staff have spoken of their motivation to provide a service that supports the front line carers and helps them to stay safe. We are working on the principle that we are all in this together. Our team even created their own thank-you NHS rainbow, in our own unique style from waste syringes!”

The directorate has also led on the health board pilot of a centralised medicines preparation facility for those medicines that the Aseptic Service are not able to process; such as antibiotics with a very short shelf life. This is being staffed by redeployed nursing and pharmacy staff and aims to help the ward workload by preparing medicines centrally in a socially distanced and clean environment.

Using this combination of new services, the Medicines Management directorate stands ready to support our nursing colleagues through the coronavirus response, giving them the most time possible to provide fantastic front-line care for our patients.