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BMA Cymru Wales response to Welsh Government’s lockdown exit strategy

Commenting on Welsh Government’s plan ‘Unlocking our society and economy: continuing the conversation’, Dr David Bailey, BMA Welsh Council chair said:“BMA Cymru Wales welcomes the cautious approach outlined today by the First Minister, which lays out a traffic light system that will help the public begin to understand how we will get back to ‘normal’. “It’s clear that the job of protecting the NHS in Wales is not over yet. The public has been incredibly committed to respecting lockdown restrictions in Wales so far, and as a result, the health service has not become overwhelmed. “It’s essential that as we progress through the stages outlined in the plan for easing restrictions, public messaging continues to be clear so the general public understands what they can and cannot do, to ensure we don’t see an increase in the spread of the virus. “Welsh Government has outlined its commitment to continue working with us, and other partners, as we move forward and we will continue to represent the views of doctors across Wales. Our priorities remain clear – doctors and frontline healthcare professionals must be assured that supplies of appropriate PPE will continue, to ensure patients and staff are kept safe.We are working with Welsh Government on a risk assessment framework to ensure vulnerable and BAME doctors, who are at higher risk of death from COVID-19, are better protected. The Test, Trace, Protect strategy must also be monitored and evaluated without delay, to ensure it is working effectively.”