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Agreement for cystic fibrosis medicine needs to be agreed to quickly

In light of the Welsh Labour Health Minister’s announcement that he would meet with the manufacturers of the cystic fibrosis drugs Orkambi and Symkevi this week, the Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister, Angela Burns AM, said: “I’m pleased that this is moving forward, and hope that the agreement can be agreed to quickly so that Welsh patients don’t miss out on this vital, life-prolonging drug which patients in the rest of Great Britain will be getting access to very soon.“More dithering from this tired, failing Welsh Labour Government has meant they have let down the people of Wales again by not being innovative and proactive in working with Vertex quickly, once again letting Wales fall behind.”NHS England agreed a deal with Vertex last week to supply these drugs and Scotland agreed last month.You may also be interested in   Schools should not off-register pupils to improve exam results, the Welsh Conservatives warnFriday, 25 October, 2019Improving exam results is not a “legitimate reason” to move pupils off-register, warned the Welsh Conservatives today.Some Welsh schools may be moving pupils off registers in a bid to improve exam data, according to Estyn.