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Aberdare Community School visit the Harry Potter Studio

On Tuesday 21st October, all the year 7 pupils in Gamma band went to the Harry Potter Studios near London. The school organised the trip for all pupils in Year 7, with Omega and Delta bands going on the Wednesday and Thursday of the same week. The school had organised the trip as we have been studying Harry Potter in all aspects of our curriculum in the first half term.

The coach left school very early – 6.30 in the morning! We were all very tired but also really excited. It was fun on the bus and we sat with our friends and played games whilst eating lots of sweets and treats.

After stopping in the services on the way, we finally arrived on a beautiful autumn day at the wonderful studios. We had to queue for a while to go in, but we were given a free badge and a passport to record interesting things from the day. Eventually we went into the magnificent great hall and saw all the costumes and props used in the Harry Potter films. There were lots of different things to look at including the costume department, the make-up and wigs, the design for Hogwarts School, Hagrid’s cabin and even a walk through Dragon Alley. There was a huge props department and we saw the Philosopher’s Stone, the Goblet of Fire, the Sorting Hat and the Golden Snitch.

Everyone was given the chance to have a photograph taken as if they were in the flying car or on a broomstick. That was really fun, especially when the teachers had a go too!

At lunchtime we ate our sandwiches and some of the pupils tried the Butter Beer! Don’t worry, it wasn’t really beer…! Not many people liked it but they wanted to try what Harry and his friends drink in the film.

On the way out of the studios we walked past the huge model of Hogwarts School which they used for the outside shots in the film. It was magnificent! We also walked past Gringotts’ Bank and through Ollivander’s Wand Shop before going through to the shop to buy chocolate frogs and disgusting flavour jelly beans to eat on the way home.

It was a really fantastic day and we even had a Harry Potter quiz on the way home on the bus.

Written by 7 Gamma 4 pupils