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Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team Called out to Dare Valley

Beacons Mountain Rescue Team were called out on Tuesday evening by South Wales Police asking us to assist in finding a lost male in the Aberdare area. At the same time our base was full of individuals who have shown an interest in joining the team. The call was a classic 'we think he's somewhere around here....". Following a quick conversation with the lost gentleman on the phone we deployed a small team on to the hill while we waited for 3 search dogs to arrive. Thankfully the team found him on the track within 20 mins. He had walked from Cardiff earlier today. we found him above the Dare Valley country park!. (about a 25 mile walk) When we arrived back at base to see all the bright eyes of the potential new intake, it brought a smile to our faces as we were all once in their place. eagerly awaiting the opportunity to join in on a callout.... Great to know we had 3 dogs from Sarda South Wales available to us.