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School Photographs

Aberaman Primary School - 1949

Back (Keith Walters, Howard bushen, David Pryor, Norman Bowen, Jim Holden, Martin Jones, Sylvia Saunders, Enid Meredith, Paulette Evans) Middle Row (Ann Johnson, Pat Williams, Anita Lucas, Brian Phillips, John Howells?, Winston Samuel, Dawn Evans, Anne Davies Diane?) Front Row (Kenneth Walton, Alan Merrit?, Colin Hughes, Vera Davies, Ann Neal, Elaine Ford, ?, Miss John, Marilyn?, Gillian Jones, Linda Harry, Dorothy?, Colin jones, Jim Davies, Colin Grant)

Aberdare Girls Grammar School 1965-1970

This is a black and white photo of the form I was in,in the Girls Grammar School, Aberdare, between the years of 1965 and 1970. I'm not sure what year this was, but I know I'm in there! I'm not telling which one was a long time ago!

Gadlys Secondary Moden School Class 1962

Top row:
1.---- 2.Elizabeth Harries 3.Vivian Clarke 4.Nerys Jones (me) 5-- 6. Sonia Magor
7.Margaret Bowditch (nee Griffiths) 8.Rhosalind ? 9.Miss Morse ?

Second row:
10.Haulwen Davis 11.-- 12.Alice Williams 13.Adele Jones 14.Sheryl Stansfield 15.Kathleen Williams 16.Jennifer Howells 17.Nerys Jones (2) 18.Velinda Rees

Third row:
20.Rose ? 21.Wendy ??? 22. --- 23.Ray Llewellyn 24.--- 25.Ann Baker 26.Meryl Walters 27.--- 28.Brenda Harries 29.Gillian Hodges

Gadlys Secondary Modern School, Class Photo 1962 or 1963

Anyone out there recognise this class photograph? Can you put names to the faces? I am in the back row, 4th in from the left. Would be interesting to know what happened to everyone; who stayed in Aberdare and who left, etc. Hope to hear back from someone.

Glynhafod Junior School c1948

This is an enhanced version of the previous photograph

Park School football team – champions 1956-57

I've forgotten most of the names in the team – I am the goalkeeper in the back row – my twin brother Raymond (full back I think) first left middle row. Troy Sidwell next to my brother are the only ones I remember as we were in the Barnardo’s home in Aberdare, (Glandare House). Would be interested in any response to this picture.