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Linton Brothers, Aberaman - Cycling

When Cycling spotlighted Aberaman by J.P.H. In 1884 Aberdare Cycle Club was formed and their greatest products were the Brothers Linton.

Arthur, Samuel and Thomas. By 1892 they had risen to prominence in South Wales, with Samuel being regarded, at that time, as the better cyclist over short distances. However, between 1892 and 1896 Arthur and Thomas went on to gain international fame for their long-distance racing exploits and between them the two brothers broke virtually every cycling record, in Britain and on the Continent, where they were victorious in France and Italy.

In 1894, Arthur, then racing as a professional, broke 4 world records. He won the Bordeux to Paris event and earned the title "Champion Cyclist of the World" 1894 also saw Thomas Linton, in the course of one month break records for the distance covered in 1- km, 10-km, 100 km, 5 miles and also won an 8-day event!

Sad to relate, both these remarkably brothers were to fall victim to typhoid. Arthur in 1896, aged 26 and Thomas in 1914. Samuel died in 1935.