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Rhos Gwawr Cairn Cemetery

This site is found on the left hand side of the road that travels from Aberdare to Maerdy. As the summit is reached the site is near to the first major pull in on the left (Centred at SN 9920 0090, 9947 0079, 9957 0037). The entire area covers 1200m NW – SE by 600m along the SW side of the mountain. There are three main groups of cairns with a few scattered around the clusters. The cairns number forty-four in total and are mostly circular, less than 6m in diameter. But two of the cairns (each one at an opposite end of the total area), are 10m in diameter. The large cairn found closest to the road has an exposed cist. There is even a ring-cairn at this site with the capital B engraved on the stone at the centre. Cairns are dated as from the Bronze Age, particularly 1700 and 1200 B.C.

Ref. Royal commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales : Glamorgan Vol.1 Part1,Tthe Stone and Bronze Ages. 1976. Page 110 – 111.

CADW Scheduled Ancient Monument Record : GM404(RCT) Cairn Cemetery on Rhos-Gwawr. (Report).