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Cefny-gyngon Settlement

Mynydd Cefnygyngon is found 1km away to the north west of Bwllfa Dare (SN 9573 0340). The dating of this settlement is uncertain, it is possible that these huts and enclosures were occupied from the Iron Age (600 BC – AD 100) to the Dark Age (AD 410 – 871). The huts and enclosures are in poor condition and later additions and modifications have confused the first structure. The main enclosure is 3m thick and 0.5m high. To the south of the main enclosure is a hut that is 3.7m in diameter, the walls are 2m thick. A ruined wall extends to the east from the south side of the hut. These ruins are considered to be the earliest remains of this settlement. A modern fold is incorporated into the eastern part of the settlement. Twenty metres south of the modern fold is another enclosure. Built into the middle of its west side is a hut. These two are thought to be medieval or later. Many huts surround the main settlement to the north and east, some are original while others are hafotai (summer dwellings), shepherds’ shelters and lambing pens. There are sixteen such huts found at this site.

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