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AberdareOnline bridges the gap of forty years

During the 2nd world war a street of houses was built in Rhigos to house workers from various parts of the country who came to work in the factories of the "Hirwaun Trading Estate". This street was named Beacon Road hence my non-de-plume of "Beacon Girl".

In the late 1940’s I moved to Beacon Road and I became friends with other children living there. We remained friends even after our families were re located to the "Bryn", Rhigos. We all went to Rhigos primary school together and remained friends until we married or moved away from Rhigos to form lives of our own.

We lost contact until my brother found the "Aberdareonline" web site, where he noticed someone (Toots) was looking for people who once lived on Beacon Road, Rhigos. He passed this information on to me as she was more my age than his. I made contact with her and it turned out that she was a friend from years ago. Toots and I then began e-mailing each other. Eventually through e-mail, telephone calls and word of mouth we were able to contact other friends who used to live in Beacon Road.

So thanks to "Aberdareonline", on 17th of May 2003 in the New Inn, Rhigos eleven people who last saw each other 40 + years ago met and spent the afternoon reminiscing. Thanks to Aberdareonline this reunion took place.