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where are you all,

Have to say I have never seen this forum so quiet, suppose we had better make the most of it. I would like to know if anyone's council has gone over to collections of household rubbish every two weeks,if so, how are you coping with it.

no chick RCT haven't yet (thank god)

Our council go over to collections every other week, not looking forward to it.

My Council still operates a weekly domestic waste (green wheelie bin) collection but for how long is anyone's guess, we also have a brown wheelie Bin for garden waste but this is every 2 weeks but suspended at the moment as the garden is supposed to be asleep but no one told all these leaves. Finally (stay with me) there is the small green box which is also every 2 weeks for recycled refuse such as Glass, Beer cans and Newspaper - this one is emptied very early and needs putting out the previous evening. The tricky bit is remembering the days, every other Wed the recycle one, every Thursday the Brown one but every OTHER Thursday the Green garden one, what a hoot, look down our road any day and there will be abin sitting patiently somewhere.Good luck.

we also have a brown bin for the garden waste, green bin for the household, 1 blue bin for cans another blue bin for bottles and yet another blue bin for plastic bottles and yes you'v guessed it another blue bin for paper, blue bins collected on every other Thursday, household and garden on Mondays soon to be every other Monday phew I am shattered after all that, mind that is why they are going over to fortnightly for the last 3 years have hit Assembly target.Where will it all end so many bins I am running out of storage space in the garden.


what council are you under then?

Gwynedd council, who's your council?

Staffordshire CC -- worth mentioning that I have just carried the full re-cycling box back as they never turned up yesterday, seems the dates they left us mean very little, I am all for less land fill but I do feel for those who are frail or unable to contend with all this.

Have to say they do turn up when they say they will, and there was no delays over the CHristmas period with household waste nor recycling they were here for recycling on Thursday after Christmas which was suprising really

rhondda cynon taff council

Are RCT still the same seem to do a lot of silly things and forget about the big things, or have they changed? Seen one of Taff Councillors lately and boy for someone who was at a presentation dinner in the Angel Hotel in Cardiff she looked a mess, mind you think they was as shocked at seeing me there as I was of seeing them, but it was great, worth the journey, just to see the look.

still the same :(