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Traffic chaos in lower Cynon Valley

Residents of Glancynon Terrace, Abercynon have been complaining of vehicles mounting the pavement when navigating along this stretch on the B4275.


 Early in the year vehicles mounting the pavements was highlighted on Twitter by a resident and again last month more photographs were placed on the Internet clearly showing the danger of this action for pedestrians.

Driving on the footway (or pavement) is an offence under section 72 of the Highways Act 1835 and is also prohibited by rule 145 of the Highway Code.


There are insufficient cross-valley links in Cynon Valley RCT Council have carried out investigation works for the construction of just one Southern Cross Valley link at Mountain Ash.


 Below taken from RCT Labour party manifesto 2012

“Cross Valley Link”

“If re-elected Labour will continue to lobby the Welsh Government to secure funding to deliver the Cross Valley Link in Mountain Ash.”


5 years on and no start or completion date for this highways project that past labour administrations have dragged their feet with it approach to major highway improvements in Cynon Valley.


 MP Mr Arthur Probert , Aberdare  12:00 am, 15th December 1966

Asked the Secretary of State for Wales what action he proposes to take to overcome the road transport bottlenecks in the Cynon Valley.

The then MP for Cynon Valley was speaking about “through traffic from the south to the north is now using the A4059 road from Mountain Ash to Aberdare,”

50 years on and the bottlenecks get bigger in the Cynon Valley with increased approval for housing development with no major highway improvements since the Aberdare bypass was built excluding tinkering with traffic lights and access roads on to roundabouts.


Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley Link another highway project that has not been accomplished to ease traffic traveling south on the A4095 at Mountain Ash, has this project been shelved? If so is not helping daily commuters who have to travel out of Cynon Valley to work.

 The Southern Cross Valley Link in Mountain Ash may improve traffic on the B4275 and help residents of Residents of Glancynon Terrace Abercynon.


One of the local councillors has said,


“I've also asked for an update of the long term plans to address traffic flows on Glancynon”

“long term solution is being drawn up by highways officers. Not sure when will be introduced yet”

Local elections were on 6 May, 2008,

Walesonline reported in March 2008 

A BUMPER £9m in European funding could soon be coming to the Cynon Valley.

The money will be used to provide a cross-valley link at Mountain Ash and to regenerate Aberdare town centre.

A decision on the bid is expected by June 2008 for the Southern Cross Valley link at Mountain Ash?

The Southern Cross Valley link at Mountain Ash all talk at election time but not built

The local elections were held in 2008 so it was just RCT labour party election hype and Labour propaganda in 2008, RCT labour party propaganda machine did the same in their manifesto in 2012