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Spelling out the Bullshit in planning

I can’t believe the hypocrisy of this man.

“Council deputy leader Anthony Christopher said: “Development control is one of the most important aspects of council business and we need to ensure we are working with residents to get it right.”“We have all heard the impact a new development or unauthorised extension can have on the quality of life for some, and people need to be aware there are channels through which they can state their comments and objections."  

To be continued.  

I think it just goes to prove what I have believed all along. In order to reach a place of authority in politics you must have all common sense, intelligence and the ability to think freely removed. In place of those human attributes "platitude spouters" "spin control" and "indifference barriers" are substituted.

Dave S

“We have all heard the impact a new development or unauthorised extension can have on the quality of life for some, and people need to be aware there are channels through which they can state their comments and objections.”

Brings me to remember a previous poster, we all knew, who is still having a hard time finding those "channels". If you are reading this - "good Luck Lady" hope Valentines Day will greet you with compassion and ease your burden.

Hear Hear Toots.

It's easy to spread the bullshit when people are not here to defend themselves. What goes around comes around.


Where is the logic a letter in this week CVL about a bus stop?

“During a telephone conversation with Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s highways department, it was said that the stop was too close to a junction.”

In Aberaman the bus stop by the Brook is on a narrow road junction and stands within the zigzag lines of a pedestrian crossing, our local councilors allow new development with the full knowledge how dangerous this road junction is and the lack of a pavement for the three schools that have an entrance in Gwawr Street.

The best part is one of the local councilors appealed for people not to park in Gwawr Street outside the school and then go on to allow further development with the only access is on this narrow road past school entrances with no pavement.

The proposed development would generate additional vehicular movements to the detriment of highway safety and create traffic hazards to the detriment of other road users on the B4276 and would therefore be contrary to policies H3, T10 and T11 of the Mid
Glamorgan (Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough) Replacement
Structure Plan and policy ENV1 of the Rhondda Cynon Taff (Cynon Valley) Local Plan.

The above relates to proposed developments at the former brick works Llwydcoed, what a difference in Gwawr Street Aberaman where developments were allowed irrespective of the vehicular movements to the detriment of highway safety, traffic hazards to the detriment of other road users where increased traffic are allowed next to infant and junior schools with no pavements.

I think the planners make it up as they go along an ointment for every sore, I don’t think the planners move the goalposts in RCT they move the pitch as well.

Don’t know if anybody looked at the program but unlike RCT they have an enforcement team that actually act when illegal development takes place not just come up with excuses always on the side of the developer.

Development Control and Enforcement in RCT is nonexistent.

Rhondda Cynon Taf “Policy DCP3 states new residential developments should provide privacy for occupiers of new and existing dwellings.”

Well that just doesn’t happen in RCT

Forget the rules as far as RCT planning committee is concerned. It's a blatant case of double standards when it comes to planning. Certain developers and land owners are given carte blanche clearance to do whatever they wish, whereas others, usually small fry whose faces don't fit, are denied planning permission for even the humblest of projects. Indeed, rules can be bent or strictly applied as and when it suits them.

No wonder cynicism has set in, with democracy itself being under threat because of it, but then, vested interests are more important than the collapse of our democratic system. After all, the accountability that comes with real democracy, especially at local level, is a gross inconvenience to these planners and the interests of their business pals.

Planning is so wide open to graft and underhand dealing, and calls are being made for a national slackening of the rules to accomodate even more development.

That does not augur well for the future of our environment, especially with planners like RCT being given more slack.

Would I buy a used car from these people? Not on the basis of what I've seen going on in local planning committees. You know that you could never trust the mileage figure on the clock!

Spot on ddraenen and I'm so glad that on here at least there are actual members of the local community who recognise this "C" and are disgusted.

Now if only we can stop the "man and dad voted Labour" bridage re voting them...

There are quite a few people on here who know what's going on, Lord Charles. We're not all blind dummies, oblivious to the machinations of the planners in RCT. We know exactly whose interests they serve.

We don't all accept that graft is going on and there is nothing we can do about it. There are some who demand decency and upfront dealing in RCT, not the underhandedness and selective dealing that is so prevalent here. We know who the favourites are: which developers and landowners are singled out for special treatment, who are elected to be the Chosen Ones!

Despite all protestations to the contrary from the planners, there is no doubt in our minds that certain factions are given priority above all considerations of opposition or environment. Things are not all above board, and there are anomalies that should be investigated. It's only then that we can have some faith restored into a process that seems to have drifted so far from the straight and narrow.

Will that happen? Who knows? The present climate of a system in crisis may bring us some cause for hope that things will change for the better. After all, it's your environment, and the inheritance of your children. Should you leave it in the hands of people like this?

No definately not, my blood still boils when I think of Abernant level crossing looking like the Somme battlefield when the entire village of Abernant voiced refusal.

How did that happen?

What is the point of allowing residents to object when it goes through anyway, it stinks to high heaven.

Since seeing what has gone on in Abernant over the development at River Level, I am now totally cynical of any environmental proposals put forward by this council.

It became abundantly clear on the day that planning permission was granted for the development that RCT council has no intention of putting environmental considerations ahead of the interests of developers and land owners.

Democracy died in RCT that day, and I was there to witness the utter contempt and arrogance that was displayed to the residents of Abernant by RCT planners, led by none other than RCT's own Environmental Spokesman, Anthony Christopher of Aberaman North. Note that he doesn't even live in Abernant, so clearly does not believe in fouling his own doorstep.

This whole proposal was settled on the day it was put forward, and no amount of objections by residents, or from RCT's own planning officers, was going to alter that fact.

I will be putting pictures up on here if Lewis will allow, to show exactly what RCT council means by environmental protection and consideration of the wishes of the electorate. Thus we can all judge the reality, as opposed to the myth, when propaganda is published in CV Leader about some council proposal to protect and enhance our environment.

See the hundreds of trees laid waste by the developer, and the natural environment destroyed with council collusion, and then decide if they are in any position to safeguard our environmental future here in RCT. It is a shocking scandal that it's been allowed to happen, and yes, it stinks to high heaven.

Judging by the other proposals put up by Lewis on here, I wonder whose area is safe from RCT council and their developer pals. To my mind it's become clear that a vote for Labour is a vote for underhand dealing, double standards and hypocrisy of the first order.

Who people vote for in RCT makes no difference to me, so long as it's not the corrupt and defunct Labour Party. I'd make my grandfather turn in his grave by voting Tory if I thought it would oust the Labour Party once and for all.

When the environment and climate change is becoming so vital in the political arena we can no longer afford to have such contemptuous, ignorant and arrogant representatives in the council chamber. So I would urge anyone who even considers voting Labour to take a look at Abernant first, and then ask themselves who's next in the firing line for their environmentally destructive policies.

Excellent post mate.

I drove up to the aforementioned site in Abernant yesterday and was sickened. Like you said, old decidious trees uprooted and chucked in piles. Hedges ripped up. I was genuinley trembling with anger that one "councillor" who doesn't even live in the area as you rightly state can cause so much upheaveal to an ever decreasing rural area in Aberdare.

I hate that man.

I am originally from Mountain Ash, now living in Slough. Your poster re corruption occurs countrywide.
I live close to the proposed third runway in Heathrow Airport. There is supposedly a consultation process going on to consider the rights and wrongs of constructing this 3rd runway. Clearly, many people in the area will be affected - some are concerned with increased noise (like myself) and others with stopping their houses from being demolished.
However, yesterday's Times stated that "Third Runway at Heathrow 'is a done deal'- even though public consultation goes on".
Corruption goes on at all levels - at local government with whom you and other posters are concerned to ministerial government with whom my neighbours' and I are concerned.
"Big business" and corrupt practices are behind all this. Sadly, the end result will be the destruction of the environment in your locality and mine.

Nice to hear from you echo1.

Not just countrywide, echo1, but worldwide! Corruption seems to be the norm in governments of all hues. My brother tells me that it's the same in Australia, and a mate of mine in San Francisco tells me that crooked land deals are endemic in the USA as well.

As for high finance and bent dealing on the stock exchanges of the world, we only have to look at the mess we're in now because of it. Corruption seems to be part of the human condition, and it's why I fear so much for the future of our planet when we are led by and manipulated by people of such dubious credentials.

If climate change is such a big threat to us as they'd have us believe, then why is it that governments from top to bottom are run by people who behave as if it's not happening? Surely, if they can rush to prop up a defunct banking system to save the world economy, then they need to rush even faster to save humanity itself from the consequences of its own actions.

But no, time after time the needs of the environment come way down the list when developers and coal and oil prospectors demand access to land and minerals.

Why then should any of us give a damn about our carbon footprints and our effects on the environment, when the examples set by the likes of RCT council and its Labour masters in Westminster are the complete opposite to what they preach to the gullible masses?

This is a question I have wrestled with ever since RCT's planning committee gave the green light to developers to ruin a beautiful green area in Abernant. So far, I've not found a positive answer to this vexing question.

£1m eco investment for Cynon Valley
Cynon Valley’s green spaces are benefiting from a £1million “Gateways and Greenways” environmental programme.

The rich mosaic of green space of the area – riverside and its open spaces, parks, nature reserves, public rights of way, cycle paths and roadside verges - is being improved through the scheme.

Not in Abernant or Tirfounder Fields




Ironically one of the images shown on Rhondda Cynon Taf press release is Tirfounder Fields where mature trees have been felled on a construction site with out consent for development

This eco grant has to be a joke surely?

Add to Anthony Christopher, councillor McDonald, chair of the planning committee. The meeting at the Ynys last Thursday was an absolute farce. The proposed 120 homes to be built on the former Gloucester's site had been turned down twice in the past, and once on appeal is now approved!
The meeting was shambolic. An incomplete report. A councillor confused at whether he was eligible to sit in on the discussion, let alone lead the Vanguard for Piper Homes. I dare not say more as I am too angry at the hypocrisy these so called "democrats" display.
Party lines were drawn with a big fat "Magic Marker" on this discussion and the late appearance of the Labour group's enforcer soon crystalized the swayers. Is there a three line whip in local government?
Anyway, on the soon to be hyper-congested streets of Hirwaun I was handed this little ditty, a pity the pictures won't paste on to here, but fill in your own gaps!

Ode to
R.C.T. Cynon Valley Development Control Committee
(Labour Division)

Ole McDonald had a farm
Ee aye ee aye oh
And on this farm
He had a pig
Ee aye ee aye oh

With a school chaos here
And a road closed there
Here a mess, there a fuss,
Nobody knows about the bus
Ole McDonald had a farm
Ee aye ee aye oh

Ole McDonald had a farm
Ee aye ee aye oh
And on this farm he had a cock
Ee aye ee aye oh

With a cluck, cluck here
And a cluck, cluck there
Here a cluck, there a cluck,
For the publics’ view
He don’t care a F ***
Ole McDonald had a farm
Ee aye ee aye oh

Ole McDonald had a farm
Ee aye ee aye oh
And on this farm he had some chickens
Ee aye ee aye oh

Abstain here, abstain there
You abstain, I abstain,
Cos we haven’t got a brain
Ole McDonald had a farm
Ee aye ee aye oh

Old McDonald had a farm
Ee aye ee aye oh
And on that farm he had some sheep
Ee aye ee aye oh

With a yes sir here
And a yes chair there
It’s only Hirwaun
We don’t have to live there
Ole McDonald had a farm
Ee aye ee aye oh


Can someone explain just why are the local authority allowing consent for expansion for so many new developments building new houses in Cynon Valley without providing a new major road info-structure when the strategy for the Heads of The Valleys 2020 publish by the Welsh Assembly says “Demand for housing is low in some locations” and population is declining?

“Demand for housing is low in some locations. More than a quarter of houses were worth less than £45,000 in almost half of the local authority wards in 2004.”

“In the 21 years to 2002, the Heads of the Valleys population fell by more than 9% to 235,000. Half of that decline was accounted for by people of working age moving out of the area - in many cases probably to the Lower Valleys or other parts of the region.”

Taken from a strategy for the Heads of The Valleys 2020

Little wonder we had so much flooding during the recent heavy rains over half the drainage system in Cynon Valley is over 150 years old and the authority still add to it, lookout for further flooding where new development has taken place.

None but the local authority knows what lies behind their planning approval for so many houses. Anyway, what exactly is the population now of Cynon Valley? I know that there are quite a lot of English people have moved in these past couple of years.

I've heard many English accents on the streets and in the shops recently. Isn't it also the case that people move up into the valleys from Cardiff, where house prices are way beyond their means? Is the population therefore rising or not? I've also heard it said that Cynon Valley already does have more than enough houses for the population, so if that's true it begs the obvious question of why build more?

I've criticised this council many times over the years for its myopic environmental policies, but if plans to retain Tirfounder Fields as a wild life sanctuary, and to develop the area around lower Godreaman, near Aberaman Bridge and North View Terrace as another wildlife sanctuary, do come to fruition, then I would give credit where it's due and would congratulate them.

I just hope that such plans do materialise because it may indicate a change of policy from appeasing developers to ecological responsibility at last. I'm not holding my breath on the issue, but there is a ray of hope.

DMJ came up with the answer to this thorny problem as to why the council are allowing the building of more houses in Cynon Valley: It's our inability to see the bigger picture! None of us has the foresight of our illustrious councillors, and therefore we are failing to see the golden future that awaits us in that land "somewhere over the rainbow!"

Apparently, some councillor explained to DMJ that there is a bigger picture, and that they've got it in their sights. The future ain't green after all, it's concrete grey, or possibly green gloss and emulsion!

When I was in Russia many years ago I visited the Komsomolskaya metro station in Moscow. That station was built during Stalin's regime as an example to the Russian people of what the glorious socialist future held in store for them. The station is like a cathedral with chandeliers and marble walls and floors. It's message was that if you follow Stalin towards his socialist dream, this is the future for all.

If you couldn't see it of course, then you obviously couldn't see the bigger picture; just like the blind fools who couldn't see the king's new clothes. So there you have it, Lewis. You're failing to see beyond the horizon to RCT Labour Group's wonderland.

One day, when Cynon Valley is covered in concrete and tarmac, with 'ouses an' 'ouses everywhere, and all the greenery is gone, apart from the Astroturf, of course, you'll be so grateful to the vision of our glorious Labour councillors and their "bigger picture".

Once again developers rule in Aberaman North with local councillors looking on doing nothing about unauthorised developments.

You can allow surface water from new developments to discharge into an old watercourse with the full knowledge that the existing watercourse is inefficient to take the volume of water, the consequences were felt by many on 5-9-2008.

Developers can submit plans and then construct a dwelling in a totally different position to plans submitted for approval. Sardis House have no records of the original plans submitted well there’s a surprise. Then you can add an extra floor with windows overlooking neighbouring properties without planning approval a word in the right ear at Sardis House and approval is given. Who needs government guidelines, planning circulars or planning consent in Aberaman North just build and forget about neighbouring properties privacy etc.

Below is another development that has been constructed without approval the wording of the application is incorrect, but would that matter in Rhondda Cynon Taf I don’t think so. But who cares complacency rules and the developer and council get away with it.

WARD: Aberaman North
APPLICATION No: 08/1594/10
APPLICATION TYPE: Full planning permission
DATE RECEIVED: 07/10/2008
Dwarf wall and wrought iron work to front forecourt

And another in the old Grange Aberaman


Full planning permission is sought in retrospect for the erection of two single
storey outbuildings


Lets not forget the civil engineering work that has taken place at Tirfounder Fields before planning consent has been approved.

Democracy at work? I think not!

Nov 13 2008 Cynon Valley Leader

I WAS present at a recent planning meeting to object to an application to build houses on a site in Hirwaun, which is widely used for recreational purposes by all ages.

But I must comment on the behaviour of some of the councillors at that meeting and the way in which the meeting was organised.

I feel it was appalling. Democracy? I think not!

I would urge your readers to attend the Cynon Valley planning meetings themselves in the future and see for themselves.

Lewis what happened please?

I saw this letter in the Leader and was intrigued.

Councillors feathering their nests again despite unilateral opposition from the people they have been laughably elected to represent?

This may be the development

Development Control Committee 9 October 2008


Documents: < Previous 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Next >
Date: 8 August 2013 Issue Number: 60592 Page number: 15708
Publication Date: Thursday, 8 August 2013

Notice Code: 1601

Town and Country Planning

The Welsh Government



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Welsh Ministers have made an Order under section 247 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to authorise the stopping up of the area of highway described in Schedule 1 to this Notice.

The stopping up is authorised to enable the development in Schedule 2 to be carried out. The Stopping up of Highways (Junction off Llwydcoed road to former Milk Depot, Llwydcoed, Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taf) Order 2013 (“the Order”) ceases to have effect if planning permission in respect of the development expires or is revoked.

Copies of the Order and the deposited plan may be inspected free of charge during normal office hours at Aberdare Library, Green Street, Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taf CF44 7AG or may be obtained free of charge from the address below quoting reference qA1064760/1.

If any person is aggrieved by the Order on the ground that:

(a) it is not within the powers of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990; or

(b) a procedural requirement of the Act has not been complied with,

that person may, within 6 weeks of 8 August 2013, make an application for the purpose to the High Court.

A copy of the Order and Notice can be viewed at (Select: Legislation/Subordinate legislation/Non-Statutory Instruments/Transport Wales/TCPA Stopping Up Orders, 2013).

M D Burnell



(All measurements are approximate)

Description of the area of Highway to be Stopped Up under this Order

An irregular shaped area of highway forming part of the junction off Llwydcoed Road to a former milk depot at Llwydcoed, Aberdare, in the County Borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf, having a maximum length of 6.2 metres, a maximum width of 9.6 metres, and a total area of 48.3 square metres.


The Development

Residential development for 47 new houses including access and associated works at former CWS Dairycrest Site, Llwydcoed Road, Llwydcoed, Aberdare in the County Borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf in accordance with planning permission granted under Part III of the Act of 1990 by the Council on 29 December 2011 under reference 11/1032/16.


Balcombe under siege, Issue 1346 of Privite Eye

OIL’S WELL? Cuadrilla’s test drilling in Balcombe has proved less than popular. But the firm won its planning permission with… no debate, no vote and no objections.
AFTER two weeks of protests in the village of Balcombe, West Sussex, villagers keep asking themselves: who allowed Cuadrilla to drill on our doorstep?

Planning laws not worth the paper they written on

Labour sound death knell for our town centres.

Welsh Liberal Democrats in RCT say they are disappointed at the decision by the Welsh Labour Government not to call in the planning application for the new town in Talbot Green.
Cllr Mike Powell says it will sound the death knell for a number of existing town centres
"Whilst disappointing, the news is not surprising, the Welsh Labour Government have a history of ignoring public opinion when it comes to planning in RCT. In this case they are merely backing the decision of their Council colleagues who approved the application and assigned land for a new town in the local development plan.
"This in spite of the dire situation our existing town centres are facing, not helped by the Council's dogged refusal to look at reducing car parking charges or business rates or anything else which could help.

"The report which the Council commissioned stated clearly that the Talbot Green new town would have a detrimental effect on trade in towns including Pontypridd, Tonypandy and Tonyrefail, and of course the existing retail centres in Talbot Green and Pontyclun. The Council keep proclaiming that they have spent £10million on the so called regeneration of Pontypridd, and yet they seek to negate that by giving this scheme the go ahead.
"It seems that the Labour party both at Council and Government level have little regard for the very real problems being faced by traders in RCT."
The plans are scheduled to be implemented in two stages, the first stage being centred on the provision of a new Sainsbury's store. The project will provide extensive retail space plus cinemas, restaurants and houses.
RCT Welsh Liberal Democrat Campaign Manager Karen Roberts says the scheme is in contravention of the Government's own guidelines and should not have been allowed to go ahead.

"In November 2012 planning guidelines were produced which stated that the Welsh Government's objectives were to 'Promote established town, district, local and village centres as the most appropriate locations for retailing, leisure and other complimentary functions.'
" Planning Policy Wales has a chapter dedicated to retailing and town centres and its conclusions and recommendations very clearly suggest that such a development should not go ahead. It says that 'Although there may be circumstances in which a new regional shopping centre could fulfil an important retail need, full account needs to be taken of all likely impacts and it is unlikely that opportunities exist for such a centre in Wales at present.'
"How on earth can they then turn around and say that this development can go ahead and they do not even want to call it in for further consideration? What is the point in producing policies if they are to be totally disregarded?"


Developers employ specialist companies to oversee planning applications brought before the local authorities and Public Inquiry's Persimmon Homes employed Asbri Planning for the Public Inquiry for Coed Dyffryn development Aberaman and Rose Row Cwmbach


22nd November 2011

Rose Row, Aberdare

On 17th November 2011, Asbri Planning were asked by Newydd Housing Association to undertake a Committee presentation to Rhondda Cynon Taf’s Planning Committee.

This was in relation to Newydd’s proposed development, at Rose Row, Aberdare for 100% affordable housing, comprising of 24 units – 18 apartments (2 of which are to be adapted for disabled persons) and 6 general needs housing.

Whilst the planning application had been written up for approval by Council planning officers as being compatible with the Local Development Plan for the area, it was known that objectors were to be present attempting to influence the Council’s decision on grounds of loss of daylight to rear gardens, car parking and highway issues, and over-development of the site.

In countering objectors who also spoke at the committee meeting, Keith Warren referred to the extant consent for 19 units on the site and emphasised that the relationship between the built footprint, amenity space and dwellings was in accordance with TAN12 design principles, with parking requirements also met. He also confirmed that the mix of units had previously been agreed as being compatible with the Council’s Local Housing Strategy/Need requirements and was supported by the Council’s Housing Department. On this basis objections were unfounded.

The Committee subsequently resolved to approve the planning application.