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Ref: Public Right of Way Davis Street Aberaman to Canal Road Cwmbach to Aberaman

To the Countryside Manager Rhondda Cynon Taf CBC

I thank you for replying to my email 5 December 2015 I have not looked at what you have achieved on this section of PROW but residents have sent me photographs that I attach for you also it is on youtube.

With regard to this PROW I have been in contact with the Planning Inspectorate you may not be aware but the PROW was discussed in the Persimmon PLC and the Coed Dyffryn development appeal. From the response I received I have to contact Jane Cook Director of Regeneration and Planning about drainage and the proposed new footbridge for public access on the Cwmbach end of the PROW. The advice given was to contact the Nick Bennett is the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.

You may not be aware but the plans for the Persimmon development for public scrutiny before the appeal at Sardis House were not the plans submitted by Persimmon at the appeal. 


With regard to the PROW from Violet Street to the Aberdare Canal Head again I must bring this to your attention I am reliably informed by a number of local residents that this PROW has been impassable for a week I had a look myself today and attach photo to show you. I am aware as you informed me that this is now the responsibility of the Highways Department who I will be contacting but it is your departments responsibility to keep PROW’s open to the public.


I believe RCTC have spent in excess of £20 thousand pounds on this small section and the problem remains. As I have said before if you don’t get the basics right the system will not work. The French drains feeding the pumps are silted up if RCTC cannot be bothered to do the job correctly there will always be a problem at this point of the PROW. Perhaps your subcontractor has again installed inadequate pumps there is obviously an ongoing problem with them. If they keep braking down due to silting up perhaps RCTC should be looking at Sand, Sludge & Slurry Pumps