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It makes more sense to redevelop the Valleys?

Now that the new year is upon us perhaps the Welsh Government could consider its policy on housing. Housing developments are springing up everywhere in the region, including, in Abergavenny, an application for 200 houses in the National Park on the slopes of the Deri, a foothill of the famous Sugarloaf.How many thousand houses around Cardiff it is difficult to gauge. There is little or no infrastructure on these sites nor none planned. No new arterial roads or rail.Under our noses are the so- called Valleys, covering an area between Pontypool in the east, to the Rhondda in the west. All crying out for reinvestment. They have space, schools, roads, pubs, clubs, churches, and rail connections to Cardiff and Newport.As I grew up in Cardiff, the docks area was derelict and needed redevelopment. Look at it now, a destination area full of people and regeneration. The same should happen to the Welsh Valleys.Michael JamesAbergavennyA letter in walesonline