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FOI Council 'Approved' Builders and Grants works.

Dear Rhondda Cynon Taff Council,Please could you provide me with information as to how a local Builder becomes an 'Approved Builder' recommended by the Council in line with Housing Grants work.Is there set criteria etc that has to be followed? If so please provide me with details of this also a copy of any forms etc.Also how long ( in years) has the criteria has been in place and under what piece of legislation does it exist?How or why would an 'approved' Builder be removed from the 'Council recommended' Lists?In the event of a Council recommended/approved Builder breaching regulations, causing problems, causing damage or similar issues wouldn't the Council itself also be liable given the fact that -1) The Council 'recommends' said Builder on its List of Approved Builders.2) The Council oversees and inspects Housing Grant work.3) The Council funds the Housing Grant work.Please provide details of any relevant legislation, blank copies of forms (if applicable).Yours faithfully,