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Flytipping and Apathy

Is anybody else who lives in RCT (especially what are now RCT Homes) council properties fed up of the apparent apathy shown by the local authority when it comes to the collection and management of Fly tipped rubbish? Also, am I the only one who finds it amazing that residents of these estates are willing to live with there rubbish dumped a few yards from their own front door.

I have always been very much disgusted by fly tipping but ever since the council (now RCT Homes) requested that I remove the flower pots from outside my property (see my blood is just boiling.

Dave S

i saw your article in the paper and thought how stupid it was. i had friends living on the same estate as you so i know what its like there and i know that the pathways outside the flats are more than wide enough for wheelchairs even double buggies lol. its just people being very petty, after all if you put flowers outside your flat it will brighten the place up and they dont want that do they?? miserable buggers lol fight it chick, i know i would

Typical pettiness by jobsworth employed by RCT, time would be better spent improving maintenance.

“How does the Council deal with flytipping?

We have a rapid response team to remove flytipping but we also look to prosecute anyone caught flytipping waste.
We provide a special refuse collection for large items so there should be no need for anyone to dump waste.”

Dave looking at the photo again I was wondering if you could fight them on the fact that your plants sit inside those black posts that I take hold up the fence, these would cause more health and safety issues, surely in so much that if someone in a wheel chair hit them they would do a serious injury, same with a pushchair as your flower pots would move and these bits of black bar would not move there is no give in them.

This is just some little jumped up prig trying to look important, Gwynedd Council are scrooges but when it comes to plants they seem to love them cannot get enough, you give them what for. I lived by Pant Y Cerdin many moons ago.

Oh I am going to fight them, trust me. Thanks for the support :-)

“How does the Council deal with flytipping?"

In reality the policy seems to be ignore it until enough fuss is made about it. I have never known of a successful prosecution on my estate. Not because of lack of witnesses or evidence (I have offered to be a witness and evidence was in abundance) but because of apathy.

What a sad world we live in.

That is my main point of contention. I have spoken to a Civil Engineer who works for RCT and he has stated that it is NOT part of the walkway. Also, it is physically impossible to gain access via a wheel chair to my flat because of the two flights of 45 degree angle steps. Even the local police think that the claim is insane.

phone a local counciller to come and view the area and show them they are out of the way and that wheelchairs can not use the walkway because of the steps. maybe a local counciller will fight for you

Thank you very much indeed for that idea. All is quiet on that front at the moment but if it kicks off again I will certainly do that.

Dave S

i used to be a carer for a lady who spent all of her time on the phone to local councillers for any little think that she didnt agree with. like when the carers couldnt put her bin out for health and safety reasons, or social services wouldnt give her the full service package because she didnt need it. the counciller helped her win all her fights no matter how wrong she was lol (its not what you know its who you know) lol

Shame the council had not thought themselves to put flower troughs all along the side of the walk way so residents could put flowers in, it would brighten up the place a treat. The world is slowly turning into a boring concrete jungle ,the more flowers we plant the better as far as I can see.

I agree with you flowers cheer people up no end, even in the depressing Winter there are plenty of colourful plants about and I for one have a little smile on my face when ever I can get out and there are lovely flowering and clourful plants.

i had loads of flower pots given to me last summer to brighten up my garden but being 8 months pregnant at the time i just couldnt be bothered to do anything with them lol. hopefully this year we will do a better job. mind you i bet jacobs toys will take over the garden and we wont have room for flowers lol

Have I slipped into a parallel universe or something?

Just when I though things couldn't get any worse, I had a conversation with the new Housing Officer for my estate. I could barely believe my ears when she expressed empathy for the people who fly-tipped rubbish such as white goods as it "must be difficult to store the old items".

his is the person who is supposed to be managing the Estate and making good.

My well maintained and managed flower pots however are still a hazard and further action will be taken by RCT Homes.

how about a petiton, get your neighbours to sign it saying they wish for the plants to stay.

In principle it is a good idea, however in reality when it comes to being publicly vocal it's a case of the "Three Wise Monkeys". I'll just wait until they either remove the plants without my permission or take me to court

Just to update - I have now received a letter from RCT Homes stating that if the Flower Pots are not removed by 23/01/08 then they will send in contractors to do the job for me and charge me. Thus they have elected not to take the Public Health and Pubic protection route (probably because they realise they will get laughed out of the office). So maybe the plants will not be there on the 23/01/08. They might be taken in and placed on my upstairs balcony or a day or so. However, who's to say what will happen after that. They might find their way back to their original location.

In the meanwhile the pile of rubbish across the car-park from me keeps growing. See they view from my lounge window here

that is disgusting where are the council to on this matter, I think you are being victimised. Where to are these flats? are they where the old street called Timothy Row used to be?

I do not know about Timothy Row. The Estate is just off Canal Road (AKA New Cardiff Road) in Cwmbach. I agree 100% about victimisation. The authorities don;'t like me because I won't keep quite about there inadequacies and incompetence.

Dave :-)

oh right know where it is now, I feel as though I know you. Any way keep up the good work and do not let them take an inch otherwise they will take a mile, you know what you should stand for the council that would give them a wake up call.

Now there's a though lol :-) Thanks very much for all your support :-)


Croeso, must give my mem, a good thinking and let you know if I do know you aas I did not leave Cwmbach until I was 15 nearly sixteen, lived in Timthy Row by the garage opp short brothers.

Oh right. I moved to this area around 6 years ago. Prior to that lived in Reading, Guildford and North London after leaving my home town of Aberdare to follow my First job :-)

oh right can't be the person I once knew.