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Closure of amenities but no reduction in Taxes.

I hear sadly from my extended grapevine how the Rhondda Fach in particular and RCT in general is fast becoming the place not to be living in. Even the official surveys say they are the worst places to live in Britain if not even the whole of Europe.

With libraries, Seniors community halls and other amenities closing regularly is it any wonder.

The valley is stagnating as a result of all the closures over time, There was far more to do in the Rhondda 50 years ago than what there is these days.

At election times Politicians local and national always tell you how they can fix this that and the other if you just vote them into power, Well they have been voted into power ever since I can remember and that's a hell of a lomg time now and things in this world are in one hell of a mess at this time, More so than just about  at any time in history . Certainly within he last 80 years or so in spite of the war years. The valleys were even then a more pleasant place to live, and you are paying more and more each year for less and less.     Why is that. Can any local or national Representative please give and answer to that. ??  We are listening.


Politics and politicians are in charge, so in light of whats happening these days in just about every country in the world and especially in Europe I think it is fair to say that Politics and  Politicians have failed miserably in their responsibilities. Although they have done "Very Nicely Thankyou."

No doubt at the next election the old promises and new ones will be bandied about again for the public suckers to absorb and after the elections the Pollies will  all jump back onto their exclusive gravy trains and forget again what they promised to do before you voted.

I wonder how much longer the general public will suck up the false rhetoric before they eventually say " Enough is Enough "and demand honest representation  before democracy comes crashing down in tatters.

From where I'm sitting that won't be too far away.




In view of the fact that amenities are closing down all around RCT so that money can be saved presumably, Why did the council have gangs of workmen scraping and cleaning the gaps between the paving stones when it was absolutely bucketing down with rain recently in Tylorstown. I am all for good houskeeping and it certainly can be improved upon in and around the rubbishy streets and lanes of the valleys but for men to be scraping the gaps mentioned in pouring rain seemed a bit ludicrous to me or am I missing something as I've never, not ever seen that practice  done before or even heard of it being done.    Is that what the raise in poll tax is for????