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The Armed Forces Covenant

Dear Rhondda Cynon Taff Council,

The Council is signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant and I would like to be given the following information even though there are some details on the Councils website.

1. Please provide a copy of the original signed Covenant.

2. Please confirm precisely what the Covenant does in very basic terms, what it covers, its true purpose and the benefit (if any) it brings to those who have served and their families in RCT ( i.e. its Beneficiaries).

3. Please state whether there is a Designated Officer or Officers or Department for the implementation of the Covenant and all or any roles and responsibilities.

4. Would it be wrong to consider the Covenant to be merely 'dressage' with no real purpose. or any clout, or any specific help, support etc for those it supposedly covers? If so, why?

5. Who are the co signatories and what are their specific roles and their responsibilities (if any)? How do they engage with Beneficiaries or aren't they involved at all in this role?

6. Does the Council take the Covenant seriously when dealing with complaints or concerns? Or are Veterans etc merely 'signposted' elsewhere? Please specify how the Covenant might cover this and be of a beneficial purpose with those who may require help, support when dealing with the Council etc.

7. How does the Council show/prove its commitment to the Covenant in dealing with its beneficiaries?

8. Does the Council have a support system of some kind for Beneficiaries to assist with making a complaint or raising a concern involving Council Services etc?

9. How are Staff and /or Elected Members expected to act when dealing with Beneficiaries who might require help with a problem?

10. Do Staff and Elected Members receive any training in respect of the Covenant?

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further clarification on anything.

Yours faithfully,