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Is this area in Cynon Valley ready for developers to exploit?

The below Photograph was one area proposed to be build the new school in Trecynon, will this area now be used for more housing development.


Part of below taken from a report for “Cynon Valley education transformation programme option study report”

Common Land Ownership?

The Aberdare High School site was owned by RCTC.

A public footpath running through the site would require legal relocation around the perimeter of the site.

“The land to the west of the school site was acquired from land which originally formed part of the Hirwaun Common Enclosure Scheme, and is held by RCT as trustees under the scheme. Under the trust the land was allocated to use partly as allotment, although the land is not presently used for that purpose. An application to the Charities Commission will be required to facilitate a land exchange nearby.”

What the report is not saying there is a Public Right of Way running through the site and is common land part of the Hirwaun Common Enclosure Scheme. The report is saying “Hirwaun Common Enclosure Scheme, and is held by RCT as trustees” who are the trustees? RCT is a place name.

AberdareOnline contacted the Wales Planning Inspectorate under freedom of information (FOI) requesting information regarding Common Land in Cynon Valley.

1 A list of dates and areas when Common Land in Cynon Valley has been deregistered?

 2 A list with dates of applications for all areas in place applying for deregistration Common Land in Cynon Valley?

 3 A list with dates of deregistration, or deregistration and exchange, of Common Land in Cynon Valley?

The reply was “I can confirm that we have not received any common land applications under section 16 or 38 of the Commons Act 2006 for either Cynon Valley or Hirwaun Common.”

 AberdareOnline also asked Rhondda Cynon Taf Council about Common Land in Cynon Valley but to date no response from the council under FOI, we have now written to the Information Commissioner Office regarding RCTC non- disclosure of information the FOI office is investigating. So why is this Labour controlled council so secretive? What do they intend doing behind the old Aberdare Boys School.

As you can see from the above photograph the area is extensive and with developers already working on the site of the Aberdare Boys School what’s to stop then applying for development on the rest of the site houses flats who knows. There are no plans for major highway improvements around the Trecynon or bottom of Cwmdare Hill, so where is all the extra traffic that will be generated fro existing developments going?

I find this very interesting  the main road ways of cwmdare hill is nothing but a race track most of the time , weekend  night are spent  waiting to hear another  parked car been smashed up in either cwmdare road or bryn terrace,last year in 2016 there where 8  to 10 , parked car smashed with either drivers either, drunk, on drug binges up the country park or as usual driving way , way too fast. The street lights are turn off by midnight which make the whole area more dangerous and  the level of people having there front doors or cars broken into is way beyond.  The area is never ever police patrolled, we ever had to witness a 19 year old girl been killed on this road of death, and the thought of more traffic in this region is just way beyond,more traffic calming is needed in this region  and the amount of drivers using there phones in this region the police could earn enough to pay for 2 new audi police cars, so what going to be done NOTHING OF COURSE

We’re living with the worst austerity since before WW2 , it is worst now than the 1930’s , how can you demand public services when everything is being cut by a vile Tory Government.

What have the young people got to do absolutely nothing everything they did have has been shut down , they have nothing .