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The Mystery of the Sash - regalia with anchor, cross, rose?

My great-great-grandparents, Benjamin John and Mary An Meredith. This looks to be their wedding picture, ca 1862. The mystery is his scarf and the rose bud in her hand. Symbols of a union or friendly society or temperance organization? The sash has 2 vining flowers, 2 roses?,. a St. Andrew's cross, and two anchors at the bottom. She appears to be holding a rose.

My sister and I visited Aberdare in 2000 and brought the photo with us to the museum. We met some lovely people, but no answers. I've been looking for answers for 20 years!
He was born in Kemys Commander about 1846. In 1851, he was in Aberbaiden Parcel, Coit Caenewydd,Llanelly Parish and an iron miner at age 10. 1861 he was an iron miner at Bwlfa. 1864 was in Llwydcoed,Ponty Pridd. They emigrated in 1867 to Pennsylvania. He was killed in a mine roof fall in 1880 and she died within six months from tuberculosis, leaving four orphans, including my gt-grandpa.

Stephanie John, Michigan, USA