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England’s newest health statistics ‘bleak’, but Wales worse

New health figures for England in June have been released, and the Royal College of Nursing has called the situation ‘bleak’.

In Wales, statistics for the Labour-run health system are significantly worse and have been for a long time.

Aberdare Park Road Races 2022

The Aberdare Park National Road Races return this weekend (July 16-17), once again attracting top riders from around the country as well as thousands of spectators over the two days.

Child poverty increasing in Labour-run Wales, declining in rest of UK

A new report has found that the proportion of children living in poverty in Wales has risen by 5% between 2019-20 and 2020-21, with the percentage of UK children living in relative poverty falling by 4% in the same time period.

20 mph speed limits but a blanket roll-out is quite frankly ludicrous the WelshGovernment has admitted this will have a negative cost of £4.54bn to the Welsh economy

Today (Tuesday 12th) the Senedd will vote on the Restricted Roads Order, which would impose reduced speed limits in built-up areas across the whole of Wales from 30mph to 20mph.

Commenting, Welsh Shadow Minister for Transport, Natasha Ashgar MS, said:

“No hope for patients” as Drakeford sinks under NHS questioning

The First Minister resorted to cheap partisan points in the Senedd today as he could not defend his government’s “horrendous” record when it came to NHS waiting times.

Working Together To Protect Our Countryside And County Borough

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council is once again supporting South Wales Fire and Rescue as part of Operation Dawns Glaw, a taskforce set up to reduce the number of grass fires.

“Mid Wales a barren wasteland for dental services” and the rest of Wales not that better

The scale of the dentist crisis hitting Wales has been exposed after it was revealed there are no dental surgeries taking new NHS patients in its largest county.

Labour Government urged to hurry up with surgical hubs after report

The Welsh Conservatives are urging the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay to speed up its delivery of regional surgical hubs to tackle the record-long backlog that has built since the pandemic.