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Ann Clwyd I did not come to this Parliament to be an accountant

MOANING MPs risked fresh public anger over their taxpayer-funded expenses last night by protesting about the new sleaze watchdog.

Labour backbencher Ann Clwyd complained about the paperwork involved saying: “I did not come to this Parliament to be an accountant.”

An IPSA spokesman, said: “The fundamental basis of the new rules are fair, workable and transparent.”

I did not come to this Parliament to be an accountant.”
She was elected to represent the people of Cynon Valley but she refuses to do that by not responding to requests for help.

Seems to me she just wants the travel perks and the money live outside the area of Cynon Valley and do as little as possible for older people living in Cynon Valley who have worked all their lives in and around the South Wales area.

Different storey if you are a foreign national then she pulls out all the stops to help.

She is fortunate to have good health and grousing about filling in expense claims; if she can’t do the job why doesn’t she resign.

no but decent people need someone who's honest and above the law, not filling her boots with freebies

Lewis, your constant carping about Ms Clwyd is really becoming a matter of some concern. I understand that you are trying to revive a website that is ailing but your wild allegations are doing little to achieve that end.
There are few things more boring than someone else`s obsession

perhaps he really fancies Miss Clwyd, bedroom fanatsies with stockings and suspender and her covered in filthy mp's loot. Perhaps its his wife and he's showing her some really badly neede affection.

Oh is it real bitter hatred, close lone between love and hate

Hi William good to know the Labour party has a loyal supporter.

Just for the record I don’t post wild allegations only the truth if you don’t like the truth don’t read it.

Is it only you that is concerned? Ann Clwyd in not troubled as her lack of commitment as our MP is not only noticed by myself but others have voiced their concerns over her lack of responsibility to her constituents.

As for AberdareOnline being an “ailing website” We get enough visitors looking at pages over 7000 a week, I say that’s enough people looking at a local website and it is giving local people the information that it would seem you would rather be kept from the public domain just like MP’s expenses.

Keep your eye on this

This story will show just how government departments treat the elderly in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

As I said I don’t write lies I advise you read the article in the Express

Not “wild allegations” William just the truth.

Whether you like it or not, Lewis, the majority of people in the Cynon Valley voted Labour and ergo Ms Clwyd. Until the next election she will represent this constituency at Westminster. So just accept the fact and move on. Behave like an adult and not like a petulant child.

Yes, I am unashamedly a Labour supporter and don`t mind admitting it. If you are so anti-Labour why don`t you come out and admit where your loyalties lie?

Me never voted labour in my life 47 years of age and proud to have never voted labour,

What have they or any other political party ever done for the cynon valley, Whena local born mp stands up to be counted then I will consider voting but never labour even after 13 years the valley is in a mess,

William I understand where your loyalties lie but its not for me

I think William’s comment below sums up what the Labour party is about in Cynon Valley and the rest of South Wales. William being a loyal supporter of Labour said “people in the valley would vote for a donkey if it were Labour.”
Is William a philosopher of the Labour party who don’t want change to the old boys club, they just want an MP that minds her own business and doesn’t interfere in the running of this Labour run council.

Posted by William, Aberdare on the 25th July 2014 on AberdareOnline
As it has often been said on this site before, people in the valley would vote for a donkey if it were Labour.
However, last night`s result proved that the voters obviously preferred a donkey to a jackass!