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Art Groups Aberdare area

I am looking to join an established art group/ society in the Aberdare area. Doesn't have to be in Aberdare but in the surrounding areas. I am a trained artist but have been out of the field for some time and want to build up my work again. A regular group would discipline me but there doesn't seem to be any around Aberdare anymore. Does anyone know if one stil exists?

If not are there enough people in the area who are also intersted? Maybe this is an opportunity to set one up? I did try last year with some friends. But as there was only 4 of us and we didn't want to hire an expensive hall for just us it became unmanagable.

If anyone knows anything would love to know.

I have just moved to Aberdare after living abroad for 12 years. I have always been very interested in experimental abstract painting and have pictures hanging in 5 different countries. I would love to meet people with similar interests

Hi there...I dont know if you are still monitoring this forumn for a reply, but there are a number of different artgroups in the area.

Aberdare arts society meets each monday evening between 7-9pm at aberdare girls school.

Cwmaman Artage meets at cwmaman institute between 10am - 12pm on mondays too..i will update on others as soon as get that information