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Holiday destination for families gone by

Sandy bay caravan park

What a great photo of the past.I remember going to Porthcawl in the fifties and it looked pretty much like that .Little caravans with no toilets even in the night you had to trudge out side to go the toilet blocks and you would be scared stiff to go alone ,we have life really cushy these days.
Any idea what date that photo was taken ??

Hello B.G.
We've just returned from dragging our caravan to the Peak District. As you say we have life really cushy these days with such things as full cookers, fridges, toilets, showers, central heating and mains electricity being standard fittings, but I still miss the smell that the old gas lights gave off, and of course the midnight march to the loo.

Lovely place the Peak District , you need to go to a quiet place when you are getting on a bit , talking about me , i hope you had a lovely time .

No date on postcard but I would say it was around 1956 I think.

fantastic pic of Porthcawl Lewis-brings back many happy memories of childhood.

Wonderful photo of caravans in Porthcawl - lots of memories. I can remember having at least one holiday there - all girls - I think we had to clean everything before we moved in!! I wonder what my grandchildren will think of the photo!

lovely photo lewis brings back many happy memories of holidays when was a kid, all you needed then was somewhere to put your head and to do sandwiches lol seeing how little the caravans were makes you wonder where everyone sleep, amily and there was 6 of us in our family and 5 in our aunties and we all stayed in one of those little caravans, happy days

GREAT PICS LEWIS i remember the year before we emigrated we went to Porthcawl for the miners fortnight as it was called once after being in Canada for 28 years that last one holiday still sticks in my mind. I am coming home next year with my grandchildren and guess where their vacation is going to be Porthcawl even if its in a tent i am determined to show them. I was home in 2002 and i seen lots of changes there but i want to go to TRECCO Bay and I am over 50 now and can do what i want lol so my sons and daughter in laws know they have no say lol

Good for you Welshgirl - there is nothing like a holiday in Porthcawl. My husband and I love it there. My parents bought a caravan in about 1975 and both my boys loved it. As many school holidays as possible were spent in the caravan - no electric at the time,but that never bothered us. We never worried about having showers - others went out of the caravan and the whoever it was had a very large bowl, and very warm water and we washed ourselves from the top down to the 'bottom'. We had many lovely walks, my two late sons walked from Newton to Ogmore quite often with their grandad - and enjoyed it, as young as they were!! We had our caravan for over 20 years, and it was only when they started putting electric in, that we had to take it from there.
I haven't been there for quite a while now, but I have been told that there are quite a lot of changes, and for the best - but for all the changes, I still have my memories - Have a lovely holiday Welshgirl - I'll be thinking of you!

I will Missgemini I want to show my grandkids there i a world out there that is beautiful not all about video games and television they will have a blast I am sure I know my sons are looking forward to it and my daughter in laws they have never been to Wales they are Canadian so they can't wait to see what I have been talking about. They will get fish and chips faggots and peas etc whether they like them or not lol.

My husband and I haven't been abroad for a number of years - I think the last holiday we had abroad, was a few days in Amsterdam for my 50th. birthday. Richard was working in Germany at the time, and I met him at the airport. We had a wonderful few days, and it's something that neither of us will ever forget.
We do seem to forget though what scenery we have in this country. We don't have passports now, so in past years we have seen quite a lot of GB, and enjoyed it. We always take our dogs, so it's either an apartment or a caravan for us. Great Yarmouth is beautiful, we went there quite a few years back, having been when our two boys were small, and wanted to re-call some memories. Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Cormwall are all beautiful places,which really we don't always appreciate. OK we don't always have the weather, but with two dogs to walk especially on a lovely and deserted beach, who cares!!
In 2005 we went down to Pendine, and was really surprised just how beautiful our own Welsh landscape is, and last year we were near to Carmarthen. There's no fuss at airports, no customs to go through, English food!! A lot has to be said for a UK holiday.

My Husband and I love U.K. holidays we went to wales last year rearly enjoyed it , but this year we went to Ierland as my Son lives over there now,so we dont have to look for a cottage we stay with him and his partner and Daughter. we go over on the Ferry . we can not take the doy with us now as she does not travel well, my Son looks after her for us.