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Donkey & Sheep win again

Donkey & Sheep win again

How predictable is it that all the stupid sorry gullible people in Cynon Valley have chosen to elect a donkey again.

sheee awwwwwww shee awwwww aheeeeee awwww to be shot

herr goat

The vast majority of the electors of the Cynon Valley voted Labour. How dare you call all those people stupid, sorry and gullible.
Grow up and face defeat magnanimously.

Not me your honour, we deserve what we voted and I did not vote the labour candidtae. You takes your pick and this is what we get take it or leave it, another 5 years of the harriden from north wales.

herr goat

I would'nt go so far as calling the people of Cynon valley stupid but one would have to question why they keep voting for the same party that has'nt done much for them over years and years of so called reresenting them.

Lets face it the valleys have'nt prospered much under labour although it was one of the stongest producing areas in the country for many years, All the wealth was taken out of there to benefit a certain few and all that was left were the scars.

Most people would have got fed up with being kicked in the teeth so often many elections ago.

Time for a Change ???????????

It's a hollow victory when only 59% bother to turn out to vote! If only we had some motivation and organisation I feel we could rally together and vote in a candidate that really cared for the valley. The press is very biased. In the Leader when they showed the candidates they wrote where everyone lived, except Clwyd, they wrote that she "came" from Denbeigh. We all know she doesn't live in the Valley, we all know she's never in the Valley, only when there's a photo to be taken. I just think it's a very sad day for the valley and how she can have the front to drive through the town, as she probably will, Thanking people, when she knows that approx 50,000 were eligible to vote and yet only 31% voted for her. She has been our MP for years and should be getting a lot more support if she was doing a good job. No insults, just a very very sad voter and lover of the valley that can see it being ruined by no jobs, no investment, our youngsters having no ambition. Being horrified by stories of teenagers commiting suicide. Seeing people drinking and taking drugs in Market Street and nothing being done.All the shops closing in the towns because the supermarkets are allowed to put up huge out of town stores. The parking charges are so high now no one comes into Aberdare.

Too true cariad, the person who represents us should be from the area and live in the area, have a sense of belonging and understanding.

The litter, drugs underage drinking and general state of the valley is down to labour councils neglect and missmanagement. Now I am not calling for a tory change but how can all the money be spent but with nothing to show for it.
Neu labour has billions on the war in iraq and afghanistan just imagine what could have been done with money like that in the south wales valley.

I am an ex soldier and the two wars were wrong, labour should hold its head in shame, you cannot blame the tories on that it was Tony Bliars decision

herr goat

cariad, I echo your posting.
I do not think that the people of Aberdare are stupid sorry or gullible, I spoke to many people who voted for AC. In parlicular those of the older generation voted for her because because she is the Labour candidate. Many of them I spoke with - well, actually, ALL of them - said they voted with a heavy heart, but voted because they believe in the Labour party. So I think its the fault of the people who continue to re-select her to stand as our MP. When do these re-selection meetings take place, does anyone know, as I think I would like to attend the next one, and am sure many of you would too. However. This election is FAR from over, those of us who have lived through a hung parliament before know that it is unworkable, and an election will be called - in my opinion - within the next six months.

I'm a little disappointed that Labour won, but her majority took a serious bashing. But turnout was slightly down (according to the BBC website) with just over half the voting population turning out. So now good complaining now.

As to people voting Labour just because it's Labour just dosen't hold water. My late father, who died recently, had voted Labour all his long life but was going to vote against Clwyd had he lived.

Perhaps people will give Labour a good kicking in the next local council elections. As a council they are pretty bloody useless.

Looks like the Tories and the Lib Dems are going to get into bed together.

Firstly the turn out in the Cynon Valley was up slightly and not down, over 2000 votes were cast more than in 2005 however the constituency has been extended with Cilfynydd and Glyncoch.

As for the those who voted Labour, I voted Labour as I didnt want a Tory Government and wanted to give my vote to the main party that stood a chance to stop the Torys.

I'm no sheep and thought long and hard before voting, I was talking about it in the pub last night and mainy there had done the same.

What I can tell you is while Labour is better than most partys we all know they have their faults, but most in the pub were saying how Peed off they were with ome like on here saying they are just votuing Labour cos they are like sheep.

Dont be so disrespectful just cos poeple dont agree with your feels, the fact the thousands of people voted labour means they do on the whole want a Labour government even with their faults over the Torys!!

voting is your own view and people have different opinions but that doesnt mean anyone is better than anyone else.

You may wake up one morning and decide to get out of the left hand or right hand side of the bed its your choice, you made it and you will live with it.

Its nice to have differing opinions, but there are lots of sheep around and its up to you to decide which side of the bed you get out of or what you want spread on your toast.I wont complain because i mightdecide to have peanut butter on my toast and not thick cut marmalade, the wife wont speak to me as she hates peanut but but hey ho its my choice and I fancy some peanut butter and jam mmmm

Life nice and simples

I suppose we will just have to wait for her to die, or send her on afew more missions to the middle east. We are bound to get lucky sooner or later and she'll be had by an IED.

the woman is a joke.years ago she said that if she was elected she would live in the valley well she does rent a flat. went down a mine and put coal dust on her face for publicity. claimed she did not eat when she was underground but we know the truth and she did eat just a liar. cant the people of this valley see what she is all about.

I would love to find out the ages of the people who voted for her.... Apart from the playgroup that has been running her drop in centre for her I bet the other voters were 60+

tut bunny...thats an ageist remark ! i would bet that most who voted for her are younger,on benefits and dont want their gravy train to stop...i too resent the valley people being classed as sheep or donkeys...i notice most of this type of comment comes from people who no longer live in the valley, in fact most of them dont even live in the UK.

I started the comment of Sheep & Donkeys and have lived here all my life, worked in Tower and saw the farce she called a sit-in. And as for benefits gravy train they will be disappointed because Labour plans to call a halt to limitless benefits with stronger medicals and interviews and if you don't measure up you lose your money. It will take more than just being unable to walk or be in constant pain to claim, you will have to be a fully fledged junky or alchoholic before you can get a hand out.

Isn't it awful how we're all insulting each other when we should be addressing the real problems. I'm not on benefits, i've lived all my life in Aberdare. My poor late Dad who lived and breathed the unions must be turning in his grave to see how Mrs Clwyd has ignored Aberdare. Whoever eventually gets into power will have to make huge cuts in spending and the other side will try to convince us that they would have done it better. If the expenses row showed us anything it showed us that the biggest gravy train of all was being used by the politicians and they were using our money!! Weren't one of Mrs Clwyds' claims for some egg cups? Lets not forget what type of people have been asking for our support.

this Valley is as blinkered as others. A woman from Ebbw Vale was asked by a TV reporter on election night how she voted. She replied "Labour of course - I've lived here all my life!" yep summed it all up.......Labour no matter who stands....

I did notice that a few of my friends on facebook had written status updates to try and get people to vote labour otherwise everyone would lose tax credits, benefits etc....

I am all for tax credits although they should be paid to the people who most need it.... both me and Mr Bunny work and even though we have crap wages we cant get anything and we have baby bunny too yet there are people I work with with no children who get tax credits and they earn not much less than we do..... the systems all to pot. There are people claiming benefits and really dont need to they are just doing it because they are either too lazy to go to work or they get more money on benefits... I know a couple who have around £400 a week on benefits and have rent and c/tax paid for them... thats just mad, and we wonder why our country is in such a mess. If some one is really unable to work then thats ok because there is a genuine reason but if there isnt a reason then why do it.

I am also sick of seeing people drinking in Aberdare town centre in the day and sitting by burtons.... the majority of them wait there all day just to get their Metadone in the chemist.... AGAIN all paid for by us.. town is a very scary place to go somedays and I feel sorry for elderly people as they probably feel very vulnerable when faced with these groups of people and there is obviously no where for them to sit if they need to. Yet the police said that they can not move them on or stop them drinking as Aberdare is not an alcohol free zone anymore........ even though the signs say different???? WHAT!!!!

Maybe the government needs to do something constructive and send all these metadone taking lager louts and send them to fight on the front line, why should all the decent hard working people risk their lives for queen and country just so that these people can get a free fix..... What happened to National Service EH?????

The Liberal Democrats and the Tories are still talking about getting into bed together. Would their lovechild be called a CONDEM?

and skidmark brown still clinging on by his teeth hoping that cleggy and comp dont do a dirty deal.

The night of the long knives is drawing in for skidmark brown all the sad b4strads in the labour party will nail him down and send him into retirement.

Not a lover of labour but let the man finish the job and let him leave at his own will.

Dirk diggler mandelson will be grinding the party knives as we speak.

No honour in the snake pit

Will the Donkey & Sheep win again? Clwyd has done nothing she doesn’t intend doing anything for Cynon Valley just use it as a meal ticket.

Surely the people of Cynon Valley cant be that gullible to keep voting for someone who cares nothing for the constituency they represent.

We need new blood someone who will fight for us we live in one of the most deprived areas of Europe vote for change on May 7 vote for Cerith Griffiths Plaid candidate for the Cynon Valley.