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Proposed Demolitions Yes or No?

Any truth in the gossip that RCT are planning a demolition blitz?

Aberdare swimming pool?

Aberdare sports centre?

Aberdare boys Comprehensive?

Blaengwawr Comprehensive School?

Aberdare Girls School?

Can anyone say if the gossip is correct?

Oh I hope not... There's plenty more they could be spending their money on... Why demolish the old schools??? They still have plenty of years left in them.... I much prefer the old fashioned school look to the newly built schools.

Have heard that new tertiary college will be built to replace old college and I think the six forms of schools but wouldn't be at all surprised if this Council sold off all of our landmarks to developers. We all remember the whisperings when Tesco was built. There are a small number of people in the town who are becoming very, very rich, building houses, something that I thought a good old Labour council wouldn't approve of. I think Margaret Thatcher would visit Aberdare and be proud of the way our Council is favouring the rich!!

Bring back Robin Hood :)......... Now thats a guy who had the right idea lol

To provide a decent education the schools need to be streamlined and improved. Class sizes are getting smaller but with all the schools in the valley it does not benefit anyone including pupils. Old schools have life left in them but are very expensive to run compared to a new modern eco school.

Underfloor heating lots of natural light and fresh air, recycled rainwater solar power and ground source heat pumps.

a dedicated sisth form college where the whole ethos is providing a better education on one site with more resources rather than sixth forms spread over 5 or six schools.

Nice new sports centre like merthyr's mmm lovely or falling down michaels sobel with terrible facilities.

Could be true after reading Wales Online, but the Ynys. Big flood risk and with the amount of traffic from both students and one would assume the public would also be allowed to use the swimming pool and sports facilities. There would be accidents galore on the roundabout unless there was another bridge built and connected to Tinney's roundabout instead.

Imagine the land that would be made available for private housing development on at least three major sites. Problem is these developers are building houses that the ordinary working people of the valley just cannot afford. Look at the new WDL development in Llwydcoed, £250k for starters!!! I would not mind if our 'socialist' council told developers to build affordable housing but I'm sure that just will not happen.

When was the last time the sports centre was flooded, i was there when it opened in 1970 and the area has never been subject to flooding.

If the environmental agency pulled its finger out the whole valley would never flood, a good dredge of the river would sort a lot of problems out.

Why cant we have nice new schools and sports facilities like our posh relatives in cardiff and Bristol, why should we have old victorian schools with terible heating bad ventilation and ropey old school furniture.

herr goat

As someone who attends the sports centre around 5 times a week, I would be in favour of a new sports centre as this one is tired now. If Merthyr can have things like this, why can't we? Also, the road leading from the swimming pool to the sports centre is not big enough to accomodate the increased traffic using the facilities, so as part of the new centre this would have to be significantly improved.

geraint it would help if the retards who park outside the swimming pool were wheel clamped, its such a bottle neck by the station bus stop and still the lazy morons park there and cause a bottle neck.

I am like you we go to the sports centre 4-5 days a week and it infuriates me of these usless tossers too lazy or too tight to park there car in the proper spaces

The part of the Ynys nearest to the allotments and the athletics track has flooded on a number of occasions. If they are going to use the whole of the Ynys area then this needs to be addressed. No doubt it will be as this now seems to be a viable proposition. There would have to be some serious drainage put in and flood defences as the building of such a large site would cover an awful lot of ground with concrete.

Just wait until the scaremongers start writing in the Leader about flooding and global warming just as they did with the new hospital in Mountain Ash. Personally I just think it was sour grapes because the new hospital was to be built in Mount and not Aberdare.

as I said give the river a dredge and stop the retards parking outside the swimming pool