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Ann Clwyd and the News Papers

I think Graham Rees Newsagent would like to see our MP Ann Clwyd spend over £60-00 per month on news papers and magazines in his shop its called helping local traders in Cynon Valley.

Our MP would rather spend our money in Fairwater Cardiff round the corner from where she lives at Jays News & Cards, 6 Fairwater Green.

What is the point of our MP using a Cynon Valley newspaper shop when she is few and far between in Cynon Valley?

How petty can you get?
You take every opportunity to demonize this woman.
You may not like her, but it is extremely childish to continue in this manner.
I`m waitng patiently for the posting that alleges she eats live babies.
Incidentally, why are these items posted anonymously?

I agree with Wiliam, this thing with Ann Clwyd is bordering on obsession, and it is starting to get very boring, get a life!

So you don’t think the public should be informed of what our MP gets up to?

You may think it is petty but at the end of the day we have an MP who will not live in her constituency will not support local businesses.

Clearly you support our MP’s actions to support businesses outside the Cynon Valley and spend £65-00 per month on newspapers etc in Cardiff, considering she is in London for most of the week or Iraq or some other far off place how has she the time to look at all these papers? Or are they purchased for Owen Roberts her husband who lives in Cardiff?

What about the £35-25 she reclaimed for placing an advertisement in the Nos Galan program wishing you a happy new year but making sure you the taxpayer reimbursement her for the expense.

As for eating babies I don’t know but I believe she tells a good storey about shredding machines in Iraq, a storey that lead a great deal of MP’s to change their minds about voting to go to war in Iraq a war that cost many lives.

Lewis - it does seem that you are obsessed with Ann Clwyd mate........

You cant blame here for everything as you do come across very bitter whatever your political feelings are

There is an election on and I think the public should be informed what our MP gets up to.

As for being bitter about Ann Clwyd you are correct when you have written to her asking for help and she cant be bothered to respond.

I expect little else from our Labour MP when you ask for her to look into mismanagement at RCTC.

You indeed do have an unhealthy obsession, Lewis, and perhaps should seek some help.
If, as it would appear, you instigated this thread, then be big enough to tell us why you did it anonymously.

Why criticise annonymously someone for being annonymous.

I find that very strange indeed.

I didn’t intentionally make the post-anonymous William it just happened, as you are aware I post lots of news on the site and posting is a little different for me.
I stand by what I post on the site it is not lies but the truth as for our MP not supporting local jobs what little there are in Cynon Valley another example of our MP supporting Cardiff jobs over Cynon Valley.

Publicity leaflets Ann Clwyd used A McLay & Company Limited Longwood Drive Forest Farm Cardiff CF14 7ZB

But the local man from Plaid Cymru Dafydd Trystan Davies used local labour A P C Printers ltd Unit 1 Bryngelli Industrial, Estate hirwaun he is supporting the jobs of local people in Cynon Valley.

I notice no one is denying all what has been posted about Ann Clwyd, if I have posted any untruths let me know and I will correct them as there are more to come.

I agree with Lewis.... It is very important for us to see exactly what our MP's claim as this is the reasons that our taxes go up..... I am all for paying taxes if it means you get a better NHS service or there are more police around the cynon Valley but I hate the fact that any MP can live the life of luxury out of our taxes.

There are people out there who buy papers, hire cleaners etc.... and pay for it out of their own pocket so why is it different for MP's that they cant even pay out of their own pocket for a newspaper..... Ummmm do they live off claims or am I right in thinking that they get a very well paid salary too??? So why do WE have to pay for her every spend???

Many people would agree with you bunny including myself.

As I've posted on here many times, Politics around the world now is corrupt and politicians are the people that will never put it right as they are getting too good a living from it.

There are thousands of cases where they have rorted the expenses system, In other words they have stolen from the public and if you or I did that we would be brought into court and be punished for it.

Here in Australia they even have a "GOLD CARD" that they can purchase anything with and the public picks up the tab and it has been known for at least one M P here to send members of his family on a world trip and paying for it with his card.

Why they need salaries at all beats me as they can and do buy anthing on these cards. Their salaries goes to buying property for their retirement days so that they can live a luxurious life on their generous pensions. Pensions that don't apply to you or me although we as workers have more than likely put more into the country we live in than they ever have.

Yes, Lets know what the buggers are spending and perhaps then the system won't be rorted so much as it is today.

I'm all for transparency, If you are not you must have something to hide.

Exactly.... Now I had to go to port talbot for 4 days on a training course for work, the only thing I had back was about 20p a mile petrol....

Wear and tear on the car was covered by ME, the rest of the cost in petrol was covered my ME, all the drinks and food I bought to last me through the 4 day course was covered by ME, and as we didnt know the food arrangements on the 1st day we went out for luch to a local cafe and was covered by ME...

I am on a very low wage and had to pay for all of this out of my own pocket, yet those MP's who have a cracking salary claim all their money back for everything, even down to the pens and notebooks I bet. Then even after claiming the money back from us for everything they have a big fat salary hidden away in their bank gathering interest everyday..... Again all paid for by us!!!

It will just show you how money grabbing these parasites are when they claim for two Kit Kats that were bought, How bloody misery can you get.

Politicians today are there more often than not for their own ends and don't really care about the public at all in between elections.

It will be interesting to see the result of this weeks vote in the U K, I bet there are a few MPs worried to death because they have a good chance of losing their seats in parliament therefore losing the golden goose that lays their golden eggs each week.

Half the buggers could'nt hold down a proper job in industry as they are too fat and lacking in constructive ideas to be of any worth to a company. I knew one M P many years ago who was bloody useless in work but had a good living as an M P although he did very little when he was a "Honourable" member of the House. Honourable my arse, I know very different to that.

Apart from all the justified criticism being directed at Ann Clwyd....isn't she a little too old to be doing what can be an extremely stressful job. She is 73 years old, and presumably will win at this election, and be 77-78 at the time of the next one.

oh my its a hugely talked about subject eh. But we in the cynon valley should all be voting and knowing that we are voting for. Ann should think of stepping down, her leader has even said he would step down for the sake of his party if need be. Therefore why does Ann not see the 500 PLUS people who all have issues with her leadership.

Mp's should be retired at 65 like the rest of us, a free snout in the trough is the thing that gets them up in the morning. The odd freebie trip to the carribbean or far east all expenses paid and all the newspapers and kit kats they can eat.

Not a lover of anne but she's got away with it for years as we are so dull to vote the silly moo in for all these years, its like a lot of the councillors who talk the talk but are only interested in the tea, biccies and expenses, cheque please kerching RCT voters. get some fresh young blood in and kick out these scrounging pensioners who should have their feet up and taking it easy

herr goat

Aroundtown and William keeping quiet? Kerennotclydach don't you think the first thing is to be open and honest with voters?