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Tracing ancestors - loose ends!!

I have been researching my ancestors for the past few months, and quite enjoying it. I have been using 'Search Ancestry' for my main research, and using the historical records that are given for different people. I also use different web-sites to look for more details. However, I am at a loose-end, and really don't know who or where to turn to. I found details of my grandfather W H Davies, who died in 1924 aged 27/28 years old, and is buried in Trealaw cemetery.
It was through my grand-father that I traced my great grandmother, Catherine Davies. Historical records give her birth as 1863, but it also gives details of her giving birth to a son John in 1873. This would make Catherine only 10 years old? Historical records also mention that she died in Llangollen, but it gives no date at all?
Is there anyone or anything, that I can ask or look into, to tie up these details. I don't feel convinced that Catherine was only 10 when she had her first son? I would also like confirmation of the year she died?
My grandmother died in 1956 and my step-grandfather died in 1944. Both are buried in Aberdare cemetery, and I would dearly like to find their graves. Is there anyone I can contact to help me in this matter?

telephone this number and they will advise you
Cemeteries Section
Rock Grounds
Green Street

Tel No: 01685 885345

was davies her maiden name, could you give more detailed infoabout catherine please, who she married,when etc; I'll see if i can help

Thank you 'dmj' for helping me, it is more than appreciated. I have taken the telephone number for the cemetery. As far as my gt.grandmother is concerned, she was a Davies before marriage. Her parents were Mary and John Davies. Catherine married David Davies born abt. 1853, and his parents were Catherine and Henry Davies.
Thank you 'dmj' once again.

Once again I must thank you for helping me. I phoned the telephone number you gave me, and had the details of my grandparents grave. What has pleased me even more, is the fact that they are together!! My step-grandfather was my Nan's third husband, so you perhaps can understand, why it was quite a surprise to me, that they share the same grave.

Glad to hear of your success MissG. Do you know where your great grandmother was married, place i mean ,eg;Aberdare,or; Pontypridd.regards, dmj


Sorry dmj, no idea where they got married. All I know is Catherine was born in Treforest, Pontypridd. I think the road/street was River. Other than that, I have no idea!!
Thanks anyway, for helping me.

I started my family tree and have just given up... I dont even know what i'm supposed to be doing lol

Bunny please don't give up on looking for your ancestors!! I found two cousins I didn't know I had by looking at my maternal Nana's side of the family. It is hard work, and does take time. One of my cousins, has been researching her side of the family for six years, and is still looking. Unfortunately, I never asked about my ancestors whilst my parents were alive, now I just wish I had. With not having any children to pass on these details, I am doing this for our grandaughter, who one day just might ask a few questions, hopefully she will find the answer with what I have found. There are plenty of people out there who will help you if needed with your research, so if you've got the time, please don't give up - I'm sure you will find it very interesting!!

Yeah hun I'd love to keep looking but just struggling.... I've been sent information by one of our members but I havent the 1st clue how to search stuff and what to actually look for..... I've heard a woman in work talking about going to other places to get birth certificates etc.... I cant afford to travel like that.... I've been putting my family on genes reunited cause I though that was an easy place to put the family tree and a woman got intouch with her half of my nans family which was great I've just got to try and sort the information out now lol

This was the information I was given

Maddy Family Tree Lineage

I start with a William Maddy marrying Jane circa 1677. I don’t know where. William and Jane lived at Glasbury and a number of their children are listed in the Glasbury Parish records. I have 10 childrens’ names although all but one of the boys appear to have died. According to the Glasbury records Samuel born 14.08.1700 was the 12th child of William and Jane born on St. Bartholomews day so therefore there were two other children not accounted for. Their first child Mary was born 17.06.1677According to this William Maddy’s Letters of Administration he named his son Evan Maddy and William Lewis as his Administrators. Therefore, I have found Evan Maddy living in Glasbury who married Elizabeth Beavans at St. Davids Church, Brecon on 22.01.1710. They apparently had 7 children according to the Parish records, the first of which was William on 25.02.1713. All the other boys died but two daughters Mary baptised 16.09.1714 and Elizabeth baptised 31.03.1727 survived. Elizabeth went on to marry Francis Powell on 4.3.1758. Evan was a Yeoman buried at Glasbury 20.03.1762 and Elizabeth was buried 28.09.1762.

The son William (Gent) who survived I believe married Jane Price on 13.08.1744. I have no information on children but it is possible that he may have had a son Evan Maddy born around 1745 who then went on to marry Ann Price at Llanigon in 1766.

Unfortunately this is all conjecture up to here and I have nothing solid other than the fact that they are in the Glasbury Parish Registers and my Evan and Ann Mady were living in Tregoyd village during their lifetime and that village is only just behind Glasbury Parish Church.

Evan and Ann Mady (formerly Price. Pryce) married on 22.9.1766 at Llanigon Church Breconshire. I have their Wedding entry from the National Library of Wales. Ann Mady (formerly Price) is buried in St. Peters Church, Glasbury. The note is in the Registers saying Ann Mady of Tregoyd village wife of Evan buried 1806. She would have been approximately 66 +. There is no record of Evan being buried in the same place so he must have lived a few more years. Have not found any record of him. They had 4 children which I have found (could have been more but I am still working on this), Ann Maddy 1767 - m William Powell 28.6.1794, Llanigon, William 1769 who I cannot find anything about at the moment, Rachel 1772 married William Williams 31.5.1803, Llanigon. Evan born 1774 is the son who carries on our family line. I found a marriage of an Evan Mady to Ann Pendry at Gwenddwr on 3.01.1798. The timeline is about right and the marriage record says Evan is of Talgarth. As Talgarth is a sub-registration district of Hay and the Glasbury area it seems to be sensible to think this could be him. The only thing is his son Evan’s baptism was not until 5.06.1803 at Llyswen Church and the Vicar just said Evan Maddy son of Evan Maddy so there is no mention of mother. I believe she died in childbirth but the date of the marriage suggest that it is possible they had other children before Evan. This Evan born 1774 seems to have married Ann Pendry, had Evan around 1803 and then she died. After 1803 the next time he turns up is marrying Jane Parry at Glasbury in 1816. The marriage certificate calls him a widower. He turns up again in 1841 at Talgarth living in Waste Cottage with his wife Jane Maddy (nee Parry). She dies in 1843 and is buried in Llyswen Churchyard and the next time I find him in the 1851 Census he is living with Evan and Elizabeth at The Old Mill, Llanfilo. At this stage he was then 80. He is listed in the Parish records of Llanfilo in 1852. It says Evan Maddy (late of Old Mill) received 6/6d from the Parish Chest. He is buried on 20.06.1864 in Llyswen Churchyard having lived until 1864 being 89-90.

Evan born at Llyswen then turns up in Bedwellty in 1830 odd and then marries Elizabeth Lewis at Llanfilo Church on 24.9.1832. Elizabeth was baptised at Talgarth in 1806. According to the baptismal certificate she was the illegitimate daughter of Thomas Lewis and Elizabeth Probert. Evan and Elizabeth go on to have 5 children. Evan and Elizabeth are buried at St. Bilo Churchyard, Llanfilo, Evan on 1873 and Elizabeth in 1879 at Cross Oaks Llanfeugan. Their son William born 1838 and Ann born 1845 are buried with them, William aged 1 died 11.April 1839 and Ann aged 4 died 23.05.1849. Plot 139. I have been to the grave, the stone of which is decomposing badly but the name Maddy can still be seen. This has been verified from St. Bilo Church records.

Thomas was the eldest son of Evan and Elizabeth born 1833. He was a Wheelwright at Llanfigon, married Mary 1860 at Llanfigon, Brecon and had 6 children, Evan 1860,Walter, 1862, Elizabeth 1866, Thomas 1870, Gwen 1873, James 1877. I also believe there was a daughter Mary who may have been a twin with James or born between him and Gwen. I have not found out much about these children. Evan and Elizabeth’s second child was Evan born 1835. This Evan was a servant in Llanfilo at the age of 16 in the 1851 Census. He then turns up in Tredegar area married to Sarah about 1864. They had three children, two girls and a boy called Thomas. I cannot find any of them in the 1901 Census and I am surprised I cannot find Thomas, because I decided the girls would probably have married and I would not find them because they would have changed their names after marriage but I seriously expected to find Thomas. I think he may have died by then. I had been chasing an Evan who emigrated to America who was born and married around the same time but that turned out to be a wild goose chase. Must be someone else’s line. The third child William was born 1838 (see above). Another William was born 1841 They lived at Llanfilo Old Mill most of their married life and in 1851 or thereabouts moved to a little village called Lechfaen, Nr. Brecon where they both lived until they died Evan in 1873 and Elizabeth in 1877. Elizabeth died at her first child’s home. (Samuel Lewis was her illegitimate son born around 1829) Cross Oak, Llanfigan.

William born 1841 takes our family to the next generation. He married Rachel Mainwaring born 1848 on 8.11.1872 at Ystradfodwg Parish Church. They had 9 children, Isaac born 1873 died aged 10 days, Elizabeth Ann born 1876 died 1951, Evan Maddy born 1877 married Mary Ellen Patterson and they had David Charles Patterson Maddy who married Eva (nee Watts), possibly 15 June 1939. They had three children Georgina Katharine Maddy (now Goode) born 17 May 1940, Carol Ann Maddy (now Hussey-Yeo) born 8 September 1945 and David John Maddy born 9 July 1942. David John Maddy is married to Linda Sarah May (nee Evans). They have three sons David Paul Maddy born 26 April 1971, Jonathan Maddy born 28 December 1972, Daniel Maddy born 11 July 1975 and Charlotte Maddy born 14 January 1980. There is a grandson Michael Maddy born on 11 May 2000 who is the son of Daniel. The next children of Evan Maddy were Roland, Derek, Jean and Katherine. John Maddy born 1878 married Elizabeth Ann Maddy 1879-1900 in Treorchy They had a son William Moses born September 1900. William Moses lived in Ynysybwl. He married Jessie and he died 27.10.1981 aged 81 and his wife died 17.12.1989 aged 97. They are both buried in Ynysybwl Cemetery. Their children were June Maddy, Sylvia Maddy, Desmond Maddy and Raymond Maddy. Obviously Elizabeth died in childbirth and is buried in Treorchy Cemetery, John Maddy born 1878 then married Katherine Maddy. Their children were Idris who married Doris and had Derek. He passed away in 1982, Glyn who married Ada and had one son Terry. They emigrated to Perth, Australia in the 60's and Glyndwr died in 1976. Ada is still alive aged 89 living in a nursing home in Byford Western Australia and Terry (Terence Glyn married Angela Jepsen in 1958 and they had four sons – Simon born 1963 (Isleworth England) Grahame born 1965 (Isleworth, England) Bruce born 1967 (Busselton WA ) and Adrian born 1971 (Merriden WA). Terry and Angela are now retired and live in Byford – Simon went back to live in England in 1990 and married Susan whilst thre. They have 3 children. – Danielle 13, Andrew 11 and Liam 6 – and they now live in Westfield, Western Australia. Grahame married Suzanne McSweeney in 1989 and has 3 children and one due in August 2005 – Sopie Louise 29th March 1991, Nicholas Andrew 29th April 1992 and Amy Kae 9th November 1994 (Ella or Jack is due on about 4th August 2005). They all live in Albany, Western Australia which is on the south coast. They have a small hobby farm of 55 acres. Bruce married Debbie Cole in 1989 and they had a daughter Samantha Amy 28th December 1990. Debie passed away in 19992 whilst 4 months pregnant with their second child. Bruce and Sam live in Rockingham, Western Australia. Adrian married Lisa Irvine and they have two children – Georgia Rose and Zac. Adrian lives in Wambro WA.

Annie May married Harry Harries and lived in Ynysybwl until she died in the 80's in the original home of John Maddy, 5, Rock Terace, Old Ynysybwl. She had one daughter Margaret who still lives in the same house. Morffydd married Reg Sellwood and they lived in St. Marybourne Nr. Andover. They had three children two boys John and Brian and one girl Marion. Morffydd died in the 1960's, Gwladys married David Jones and lived in Ferndale, Rhondda. Gwladys passed away in the 90's. Catherine their only daughter lives in Nottingham. Mary married Dai Rosser and lived in Old Ynysybwl until she died in 2000. They had no children. (This lady I remember visiting as she had to nurse her husband for a lot of years before he died).

Then came Susannah Jane Maddy 1880 who lived 10 months (according to grave stone 41 months), then Mary Ronzer Maddy born 1883 died 21.04.1972 aged 90 buried in Ynysybwl Cemetery in grave with Emily Maddy and Esther Rachel. (Mary was my aunt and I visited her a lot at Ynysybwl as a young child). She married Richard Morgan who was born 1878 and died 28.01.1947 aged 48. He is also buried in Ynysybwl Cemetery with Rachel Maddy and Mary Mainwaring.

Then comes David Rueul Maddy born 16.6.1884 (my grandfather) who married Emily Davies on 27.7.1904 at the Register Office, Pontypridd. Emily died 5.04.1934 aged 48 and is buried at Ynysybwl Cemetery and David Rueul died 1.2.1976 and was cremated (Mountain Ash Crematorium) . Last but not least Gwenllian Maddy born 1886 and died 1888 aged 20 months. She is buried at St. Gwynno's Church, Llanwonno.

My grandfather David Rueul then takes our family on by having 6 children, William John Maddy born 1904 who married Tina and had Anne Meryl Maddy born 1941 died 2002, Esther Rachel Maddy born April 1916 died aged 10 months 16.2.1917, Ceinwen Maddy born October 1918 married Derry Morris and had Kay who married Colin Stone and their children are Nicola and Gavin. Nicola also has a daughter Hannah.

David Maldwyn Maddy (my father) born 28.01.1920 died 10.08.2000 who married Violet Lilian Maddy born 6.02.1917 died 15.02.2001 on 19.4.1947 at St. Saviours Church, Peckham, London and their children are Susan Maddy (myself) born Lady Aberdare Maternity Hospital, Mountain Ash 5.9.1948. I married Kenneth Welham at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, Peckham Rye on 31.10.1970 and my children are Simon James Welham born 13.02.1974 and Sian Louise Welham born 7.6.1977, my sister Janet Lilian Maddy born same place 24.06.1952 married Richard Charles Jones on 8.06.1974 at Herne Hill Church, Herne Hill London. They have two children Charles David Jones born 3.04.1981 and Lindsay Helen Jones born 11.05.1985. Then there is my brother Maldwyn John Maddy born in London on 24.01.1958 married Ruth Reardon born 21.09.1962 on 5.05.1984 Nr. Gravesend, Kent. He has 4 children Gareth Maldwyn born 21.06.1986, Kieran John born 15.11.1987, Rachel Megan born 14.12.1990 and Helen Mary born 13.08.1998.

The next child of my grandfather is Llinos Maddy born 28.07.1922 who married Alwyn Jones and had 5 children, David Alwyn Jones married to Linda, who had Timothy married to an American called Tina and they have just had a little girl named Carys, Victoria who now has two children namely Dafydd and Owen (who is the youngest member of the clan) Her second child was Peter Lyn Jones born 1949 who married Lorna and had two boys Richard and Andrew. He then married Carol and had one child Christopher. He is now with Pat. Richard Mark Jones married to Linda and has a daughter Emma. Then Christine Jones who married Adrian Jones and has daughter Elery, son Rees and son Huw. Finally Jonathan Jones who married Sharon and they had Elizabeth, Andrew (children of Sharon’s first marriage) and Charlotte (daughter of Jonathan and Sharon).

The final child of my grandfather was Meirion Gwyn Maddy born 1924 died 1980s. His first wife was Violet and they produced three children Kathleen, Lynne and Michael. Violet died young and Gwyn married Beryl and had Kevin. I am not sure about the children for Kathleen. I believe she has 3 and now has several grandchildren. Lynne had Helen who died and Rachel, David and Meirion. Michael married Maria 2.6.79 and had Shaun and -----

Kevin married Joanne and had Owain and Sophie.

My grandfather married twice but there were no children of the second marriage.

The other family line follows the Mainwarings and their line starts with

The Mainwaring line begins at Roger de Maynwaring Bishop of St. David’s Born Stretton 09/11/1589. Died Brecon 1/7/1653. Spouse 1 Cicely Draper Spouse 2 Jane.

Their Son Edward Mainwaring buried 1687 married Joan from Llanon who died 1682. They had a son Edward baptised 1660 Parish of Llanon died 1737. This Edward married Mary Thomas in 1684 and second spouse Jane David. Their son James baptised/04/1688 buried 1753 at Llanon married Elizabeth David 28/11/1713.

Edward son of James and Elizabeth Mainwaring baptised 1732 who married Anne Hugh baptised 1737 on 4.2.1757 at Llanedy, Carmarthan. Their son was John Mainwaring baptised 1763-died 1846 who married Anne Jones baptised 1765 and died 1843. They married 9.3.1788 at Llanedi. (note the name spellings change over different years). Their son William Mainwaring was born 1790 and married Rachel Vaughan baptised 1786 on 10.3.1815 at Llanedi. (This Rachel Vaughan is related to a long line of Vaughans with a family tree dating back before 1600. One of these Vaughans married into the Royal Family). Their children were Griffith Mainwaring baptised 1815, Daniel Mainwaring baptised 1817 married Mary baptised 1821, Daniel's children were John Mainwaring baptised 1860 and Hannah Mainwaring baptised 1846 who had a son Daniel James baptised 1879. The next daughter was Sarah Mainwaring born 1821, Isaac Mainwaring baptised 1824 died 1874 who married Anne Jones on 31.06.1848 at Llandilofawr, Carmarthan, Edward Mainwaring born 1827, David Mainwaring born 1830 and Ann Mainwaring born 1833 Their daughter Rachel Mainwaring was the eldest of the family and she married William Maddy in 1872 and we are back to the family line as it is written in the Maddy family.

I know just a little about Isaac Mainwaring as apparently he was a young man around the time of the Rebecca Riots and had to go to Court in Carmarthan because they suspected him of being involved with his uncle and brother of setting fire to a house in an attempt to send the military in a different direction to where the rioters actually were. They were all acquitted after Isaac's mother stood up in Court and said he was in bed when the event was happening. If they had been found guilty they would have all been deported and we would have had more relatives in America or Australia.

A lot to take in eh??? lol

My God Bunny, you seem to have done OK with your research, all you want to do is put it down on paper or even better on your computer!!
I started with myself and am trying to work back. You seemed to have done all the hardwork, and from what I can gather have done extremely well.
There are quite a few sites with regards to ancestors, and they let you buy birth, death and marriage certificates. It's best to check on the price first as some of them charge £20.
Good luck with your continued research, if there's anything I need to know, I'll get in touch!!!

I cant take the credit for that hun.... I started doing my family tree by working from me to my grandparents then this woman sent me a private message with all the above information..... the information was of my mothers, mothers, fathers family (my great-grandfather)..... I still have to research my other 7 great-grandparents families OMG lol