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'Aldi' no more?

Rumour going about that 'Aldi' is shutting its store in Aberaman due to lack of trade. Anyone else heard this? Pity that, it hasn't been there long.

I heard it's closing at the end of the month, that was from the checkout girl, as she was asking about jobs going locally.

I think it's closing for a number of reasons not just lack of trade, the amount of robberies that they have daily is a massive impact too, I've been there when 3 have been done, they just can't afford the security needed for the area it's in, unlike the bigger stores.

It's a real shame, because we use the shop an awful lot, looks like we'll be travelling to Merthyr or Upper Boat from now on.

If that is the reason for the store closing it's a bloody disgrace. What's gone wrong with the valleys, Is there no pride left in the place. It really hurts to read such things.

I can understand a store closing for lack of customers as it could be they are not giving the kind of service that people want and that would be the fault of management, but to close for the reason given is a condemnation of the culprits of these offences. With such characters there no wonder the valleys have deteriorated, I'm glad I got out when I did and not have my family grow up in such an environment. It's really sad.

Someone must know these no hopers so should speak up not let them destroy your towns.

I'm afraid that this is a sad reality of the state of the valleys these days. Cynon Valley is bad enough, but I hear that others are far worse. As the recession has got worse so people become more desperate. I'd say that this is a worldwide phenomenon by the way, not just confined to Wales. I'm really peeved about Aldi's closing too as it's a great place to shop with very high quality food at low prices.

I'm willing to bet that like other places in Britain where robbery is almost endemic, it's likely to be drug related again. We already know that 70% of recorded thefts are down to drugs so it's obvious that Aldi's must be an easy target. Who can blame them then for pulling out of an area that is so badly afflicted?

The future therefore does not look too grand for the valleys if this is an example of what's happening. It makes you wonder who will be next to leave as they too find that security is costing them too much. I'm afraid that a lot of the blame for it must lie with the people themselves for allowing the situation to deteriorate like this. There again, how much of it is down to apathy brought on by a feeling of hopelessness and impotence in the face of overwhelming forces from outside?

I mean, let's face it, Wales has always taken hard knocks of economic hardship. This is just another one in a long line.

Last one out switch the light off?

I heard today, from a very good source that the Merthyr store and another is also closing.

I Hope to God it isn't the Upper Boat one as I don't know where another Aldi is around here. We only go to them for a few odds and sods like toilet roll, kitchen towel, laundry tablets, comfort, foil and tomatoes, etc, but whilst we're there for those we usually buy things that are in the center aisle too, will be a damn shame to have this store close.

I wonder what will take it's place, if anything!!??

It is a terrible shame these things are happening but there again we pay people good money, ridiculous perks and conditions to hide the truth to make our environments safe and with order for the population to enjoy. That's how it should be, but the ones that are there to do this are the biggest culprits when it comes to robbing the hand that feeds them. The politicians of these days have no interest in the communities they serve apart from the odd one or two. When was the last time you saw your M P/ Councillor? They mostly seem to be there to feather their own nests and could'nt with their hands on their hearts swear differently.

They are Neros watching Rome burn and not lifting a finger to stop it with commonsense legislation to bring back decent living conditions for their contituents. e.g. ridding the place of crimes and criminals, Good health care without wasting millions, Better housing, Better education oportunities, Upgraded infrastructures etc. etc. There's so much that could be done if there was the will to do it, But no, A ride on the gravy train is too tempting for people with weak characters.

Politics the world over is corrupt to the core and it will only get worse as time goes on until we are all brought to our knees and countries, communities and democracy itself is destroyed and that is what these rouge politicians are doing as sure as night follows day. It is only a matter of time before the world as we know it collapses. Anyone that has followed politics over the years have seen it coming and it is deteriorating today at a faster rate than at any time in history. As you say Y ddraenen. " Last one out switch off the light".

I am more than happy to see an out of town shop close down.
It is another example of a big company pulling out when they cannot extrapolate any money from the public. Good riddance i say. People here moan that the towns and society are falling apart around them, then moan when one of the culprits pulls out!!
I am sorry for the people who will lose their jobs of course.
But hopefully people will turn to places like A1 Electrical in Commercial Street in Aberdare to buy a cheap TV, or pop along to the grocers in the market, and then local butcher. Keeping the money in the valley with local shops, businesses and people rather than being happy to let it all drift out of the country.
Rant over

That's all very well up to a point but there is nothing like competition to keep prices at a reasonable level.

It's shops like Aldi's and Liddels that have brought competition to the towns of South Wales, Protectionism has never been a good thing as it tends to make the protected lower their standards.

If you truly believe in free enterprise you should welcome competition and be glad to see the the best of services from other countries because we can always learn from other sources as long as you are willing to learn that is.

I don't think the employees of Aldi's would be too keen on your views unless of course you can line them up for equivalent employment.

Sadly, most of the quality smaller town shops that we always used and relied on, have become the victims of the big hitter supermarkets who can afford to keep their prices low through massive group buying. Those smaller, family type businesses are all closing down so fast, many, after years of trading. I always remember Glynne Vaughn's shop as being really high class. Once they are gone they are gone, but then when those large supermarkets close and move on to richer pickings, what is left for the people, there is nothing to fall back on. I am all for supporting local traders and always will be.

Aldi and Lidl are not run the same as Asda ,Tesco etc.If you work for Aldi and Lidl by the seams of it you have to be a jack of all trades-tills,stacking shelves, cleaner, a bit of everything but in the major supermarkets they stick to one job-unless they are really busy-so in a way you can understand why one till is open as one person can't be in three places at once and if they are trying to keep costs down they won't employ more staff,but it's still very frustrating when you stand in a queue of 6 people with 4 tills closed.
Our Branch closed at TREDEGAR Dec 31st Rhymney to Follow

We all think it is a shame for these shops to be closing with the resultant unemployment and some of you would like to see the smaller traders survive, but let's face it they are'nt surviving because when the larger super markets opened there in the first place you the public, abandoned the smaller local shops because you could buy your bread at cheaper prices. There was 10p off butter, 5p off a tin of salmon and a block of cheese was cheaper by 15% so don't blame anyone but the public themselves and that my friends are you and me and the bloke next door and the woman living opposite. We are all guilty for the deterioration in our towns. We made a monster we could'nt control.

It's no good crying now for businesses that had to close because you helped to close them. Had you still shopped at the little blokes outlet regularly he'd still be in business. All that glitters is not gold but it takes time to find these things out of course. Oops! I made a boo boo.

ALDI's Aberaman is closing it's doors this weekend. I went there on Tuesday and the store was only half stocked which was pitiful to see, the staff were visible upset which is to be expected since they will now be made redundant and joining the many others outside the jobcenter as of Monday.

The Merthyr store is now staying open for the foreseeable future or until the powers that be get more dropping statistics and decide it's fate.

Both the Caerphilly and Tonypandy stores are closing also.