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Family History

I have been doing a family history search for sometime. I have found a copy of my great grand parents Benjamin Lloyd and Anne Hughs' marriage certificate. It was issued on March 1st,1879. On the license, it is hand written that the marriage was performed at the Carmel Chapel, Aberdare, in the District of Merthyr Tydfil, in the counties of Glamorgan & Brecon. My question is, does this chapel still exist? I am unable to locate any information in regards to it. I am hoping that I may be able to locate family that may still live in the area and help fill in answers to our family heritage. Any information that anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. I know that my Great Great Grandfather was a Mr. William Lloyd From Mardy Aberdare and was a shoemaker. My other great great grandfather was Mr. David Hughs also from Mardy. He was a coal miner.

there is or was a Carmel Chapel in Trecynon, Aberdare and there was a Carmel Baptist chapel in monk street aberdare but i dont think they are there anymore.

check out this site

Carmel Chapel Monk Street English Baptist Built in 1863 it closed in 1960 destroyed by fire in 1970.

A schoolroom Aberdare Parish Hall was built on part of the site in the 1970’s. The remainder of the site was occupied by the post office until 2002 now it is part of Weatherspoon’s.

There was a graveyard next to the chapel don’t know what happened to the people that were buried there.

Information from Chapels of the Cynon Valley By Alan Vernon Jones

Thank you very much for the information. It is greatly appreciated

I, too, have a copy of a marriage certificate that gives an identical description for Carmel Chapel. However, as mine is dated 19 June 1858, was there an alternative location to Monk Street? Parties: Eli DANE (sic) [DEAN born Somerset] and Mary HOWELLS.

The details given by Lewis-October 18th 2009 are not entirely correct. Carmel Chapel, Monk St. Aberdare. was destroyed by fire in 1975, the Church was still active at that date and continued to hold services at the mother Church (Calfaria Welsh Baptist) across the road in Monk Street. After failing to restore perminant links with the mother church,the congregation moved to Bryn Sion Chapel in Trecynon, Aberdare in 1976. The cause is still active at the new premises.