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Mardy Lodge

I have found my grt Aunt and Uncle lived at Mardy lodge Aberdare in the 1911 cenus, my Grt Uncle was a chauffer, who lived there at that time and are there any photographs of Mardy lodge at that time, i was told it is now a Nusing home,

I think Mardy lodge is still there, I think it is the house at the end of the drive up to Mardy School.
When I was in school at Mardy House the lad that was living in the house was a boy called Manning I do believe his farther owned a removal business in Aberdare. When I get time I will take a photograph of the house and place it on the site.

Hello there, Lewis,Jaz, you're quite right the boys name is David Manning, he is my cousin, he plays in the band, Celtic Pride , (i think that's their name)

Thank you both for replying, looking forward to the photographs, my grt uncle name was Charles Morris, he must have moved on by the time your friend lived there,

dave manning is in celtic spirit not celtic pride.the nursing home used to be a large house and the lodges were for the servants.there were 3 lodges.only two remain.the loge you write about was for the coachman. it would then follow that it was used for a driver.