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The Salvation Army

My grandfather John James Griffiths was born in Aberdare in 1867. Now i know that was a long time ago and no-one will be alive who remembers himbut he was in the Salvation Army and was what they called an envoy - preaching in all the little towns and villages. He married my grandmother in 1914 and she was a captain in the SA. My mother was born in 1916 but was the only child to survive.
Grandfathers mother and father were called John and margaret and he had sisters margaretta, Ethel Davies brothers David, William etc. I can give you streets they lived in. They were employed in the Iron foundry and Mine.

If anyone has any information I would love to see it.

Glynis Nickerson
Grandfather died in Huddersfield in 1939 aftre going to Yorkshire to look for work. Grandmother came originally from yorkshire