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Guto Nith Bran

I was interested in the opening photo showing a stutue of Guto Nith Bran.

When growing up in the Rhondda my father related many times how this fantastic runner was said to have ran from I think it was Ynysybwl to Ponty and back before the kettle boiled.

I was told this so often and with sincere belief by my father that I came to believe it myself.

The story was that on his return his wife congratulated him by patting him on his back and he immediately dropped dead with an heart attack.

How much of this legend is true I wouldn't know but I suspect that at least 60% of it was just Welsh folklore as many stories went around back then of legendary feats that have gone down in Welsh story telling.

On my rare visits to Llanwono I always seek out Guto's grave in the church graveyard to pay homage to one of my boyhood's fantasised heros.

His grave is situated in the corner to the right hand side and where the wall of the church forms an L shape.

It would be interesting to find out more about this legendary runner. Thankyou for posting the photo.