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Are we getting our letters and parcels on time?

Royal Mail Group Ltd Aberdare Delivery Office Aberaman Industrial Estate

Overhearing a conversation it would seem postal deliveries within Cynon Valley are in meltdown.

Apparently management has introduced new working practices and according to the conversation the new working practices are imposable to achieve.

Postmen have less time to deliver; therefore not all your mail is getting delivered on time, the conversation went on to say parcels were left on the van and brought back to the depot as the was no time left for them to be delivered.

Is the above correct I don’t know, perhaps the manager of Royal Mail Group Ltd Aberdare Delivery Office Aberaman can give us his version of events or anyone who is having problems with deliveries from Royal Mail Group Ltd Aberdare Delivery Office.

If anyone wants to contact AberdareOnline they can

They do say that post offices will be a thing of the past not too far into the future.

Because of Internet people are not writing letters as they once did. I myself was writing to 35 people back in Wales when I first emigrated back in 1971, Now I don't write to anyone other than by e mail and that's partly the reason for the decline in post office business.

That's so called Progress I suppose and some-one has got to pay for it, In this case it's post office workers by losing their jobs and/or conditions of employment.

There are thousands of jobs gone over the last 30 years or so due to so called progress and we are responsible ourselves very often e.g. Thousands of Service station employees lost their jobs on the forecourts because we are silly enough to fill our own cars with petrol.
The service station owners must be laughing all the way to the bank at our expense.
There is no such thing as a service station nowadays, If you want service you provide it yourself and then pay up.

I refuse to use the self service payment machines in super markets because I don't want to do away with jobs my grand kids might one day want to do.

Progress eh!

I posted a letter and cheque from here in Perth, Western Australia to Queensland on the eastern coast more than 3 weeks ago and it hasn't been delivered yet so the delays in parcel delivery in Aberdare is nothing by comparison I'd say.