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Not the responsibility for RCTC TAXPAYER to provide labour and transport for major supermarkets

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s new leader needs to start looking at ways Directors and senior managers spend public money in their departments.

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council have been informed on many occasions over a long period through the Internet about the volume of Shopping Trolleys that have been dumped around Cynon Valley.

Local residents have provided photographs and locations and informed major supermarkets of the growing problem.

RCTC have a department set-aside for dealing with such complaints and it would be for them to inform major stores of the problem and advise them to retrieve items or face prosecution and fine for causing pollution.

We don’t think it is the responsibility for RCTC TAX PAYER to provide labour and transport for major supermarkets that are not short of funds unlike RCTC who, claimed they need to make drastic cuts in vital services and increase council tax because of lack of money.

Think the law says the council recovers the trollies then issues a fine or the cost for recovery (which ever is greater) a little research found that out


Aroundtown, no one is saying the council cannot do the work and recover the cost I think everyone knows that it is common knowledge no need for research.

Read the post Supermarkets have the resources and the finance to do the work no need to involve the council’s Labour or transport, that where good management comes in they know the problem and they inform the polluter but that’s not happening at RCTC that’s the problem its bad management.

AberdareOnline have been in contact with Natural Resources Wales a number of times by e-mail and they are doing something about the threat of pollution.

I would have thought RCTC would have enough to do without pandering to large supermarkets on pollution.

Don’t RCTC fine people for dropping small amounts of litter?

Any fines imposed by RCTC to large supermarkets for persistently discarded trolleys?

As you say, “the law says” We say pollution is against the law and RCTC have the power to stop it, but don’t want to upset large the supermarkets it would seem.

One issue, notably NOT addressed, is that while local residents are taking photos etc it's also local residents who are causing the issue. Users of these supermarkets are those that live locally and so are the ones removing and then dumping said trolleys. I'm as keen as the next person to see the issue fixed (having found 2-3 outside my property) but neither RCT nor the supermarkets are dragging them off and dumping them. Fine the 'scroats' who are too damn lazy to carry a bag or three and even lazier when it comes to taking the trolly back.