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Persimmon Homes Coed Duffryn Development

Persimmon Homes Coed Duffryn Development

Photograph by Clive Stanley Williams
Spoken to a few local residents it appears RCTC were on the Coed Duffryn Development site when floodwater from the River Cynon was threatening to enter the new development site and that’s the reason a temporary bund was constructed on the public footpath as a preventative measure to elevate the growing problem at the time.

Persimmon Homes we have e-mailed Director in Charge: Martin J Smith at you East Wales branch Llantrisant Business Park a number of times but no response from him, clearly he is not interested in local issues and the concerns of local residents.

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I don't think it was RCTC because I saw a rivers agency van onsite around the same time. It may be a co-incidence...