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e-mail to customer services RCTCBC

Ref: Reinstatement of Tarmac Footpath Coed Dyffryn Development Aberaman

Please can you direct this e-mail to the Director and Managers listed below?

Mrs.J.Cook – Director, Regeneration & Planning RCTCBC
Mr.D.J.Bailey – Development Control Manager RCTCBC
Mr.C.Jones – Development Control Manager RCTCBC

Having contacted Director in Charge of Persimmon Homes East Wales Martin J Smith by e-mail with no response.

Please can you enquire when the Tarmac surface will be reinstated for local residents of Aberaman on the Persimmon Homes Coed Dyffryn development Aberaman as shown in the photographs on the links below.

You would be aware of the planning considerations for the development “pedestrian links to the wider locality”

Cynon Area Development Control Committee - Agenda - 3rd June 2010

“The development is acceptable in terms of access, off street car parking and pedestrian links to the wider locality.”



e-Mail to Customer Services your REF: NO 102336333
Ref: Reinstatement of Tarmac Footpath Coed Dyffryn Development Aberaman
Customer Services no response from Cook, Bailey, Jones are they all on annual leave?

You've no chance of a reply that quick. I'd guess that they will need to do what you've done - talk to Persimmon. Then get a reply etc etc. Give it a month.

I have been informed that RCTC planning officer Gareth Davies is in contact with Persimmon Homes and has been for a sometime I will clarify this in a meeting tomorrow with local residents who have been in contact with him.

Good. It'll be interesting. Ask about the timescales for replies while you're at it

Following a meeting this morning with a local resident who has been highlighting points to RCTC and others and attended the public meetings prior to development being given.

He showed me the proposed plans and a large number of documents for the development and what the developer intended for the site, the link is just one of his letters from RCTC that he gave to me.

As well as the footpath local people want reinstated there were two other ways proposed to access the site, one is a footpath and footbridge crossing the watercourse and entering the site just past the level crossing and a footbridge somewhere behind the Ford Garage for residents to access the retail section of the site.

I have a copy of the White Young green report (Persimmon Homes V Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council) the same company involved in the new shopping centre near Talbot Green

Another point made by the resident who has been in contact with a planning officer said to me that the new watercourse constructed next to the railway line is silting up I think if this is correct it should be looked at after the extreme flood early this year, no one wants a repetition of that situation.

RCTC need to explain what is happening at the moment it looks like the tail is wagging the dog.

All RCTC need to do is send out a press release and we will place it on
AberdareOnline they have contact details.

The question remains the same when do Aberaman Residents get the footpath reinstated?