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Ref: Pollution in the River Cynon

Natural Resources Wales
Ref: Pollution in the River Cynon

I thank you for your e-mail 18/6/14 where you said Trolleywise a company employed by major supermarkets based in Newport, would be removing the Pollution in the River Cynon (i.e. supermarket trolleys).

Unfortunately it has not happened; today walking a short stretch of the River Cynon the shopping trolleys remain in place with new trolleys added to bring more pollution.

The new Persimmon Homes development Coed Duffryn as you are aware is built on a floodplain and the rain last January showed just how quickly the River Cynon raises.

Shopping trolleys again as you know stop the water flow as the photograph shows, taken of trolleys obstructing the Cynon adjacent to the Persimmon Homes development Coed Duffryn.

Trolleywise keep requesting postcodes I would have thought shopping trolleys in the River Cynon would enough information.

Please can you inform ASDA and Tesco to remove the pollution from the River Cynon?

Thanks AberdareOnline